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June 24, 2010

It's Getting Warm Out There

Yes it's getting a bit warm outside now so I guess summer is just about upon us. Fortunately I work in an air conditioned office, have air conditioning in my truck and central air conditioning at home. Yeah I might be a woose but I can handle the heat if I have to. I did it enough years and now I don't have to. Back in the days when I was growing up on the farm, we didn't have ac. I don't think many people did that I remember. The only ac I saw were those things they called fans. It was tough at night after you had been working outside all day and especially tough if you had a bit of sunburn which throws off heat. I remember it well working all day and then coming in a getting cleaned up for supper and shortly after that it was time for bed. You would open the windows and turn on the fan and aim it so it was blowing right on you. Lying in bed with nothing but your BVD's on with no covers and you didn't move either. Eventually you would cool down some but there were lots of nights when even the night air was warm and it was hard to sleep. If it hadn't been for the fact you had worked your buns off that day and were tired then you might not have slept much. I had my own bedroom and new furniture was bought for me when I first moved onto the farm so I slept there all the time. There were nights when you would eventually slip under the sheets because the night air had gotten cool and the fan was doing it's job. Later in life when I was around 10 or 11 we had acquired a few extra beds from somewhere and put those in the basement. The basement wasn't finished and it was so much cooler down there so during the summer months I moved in. Not having ac you never knew what it was like to have it so the heat was just a natural thing and part of life. Even the schools I went to all the way to the 12th grade never had ac. I've heard over the years of schools closing because the ac had broken down...geez what's up with that. I was never that lucky. I learned ways to keep cool by watching the animals. Many were the times you would see me stretched out on the back porch (it was concrete) just like one of the dogs soaking up the coolness. A good shade tree with a nice little breeze was good and lots of times I would be exploring the woods and there were lots of little streams and creeks around there so I would be in one of them. At night when we would sit and watch some of our favorite TV shows the fans would be going and it wasn't too bad.

Over the years I either worked outside all year or in a shop. At least the shops had some kind of heat in the winter but outside you just had to get tough. I was young and pretty strong so I got through it all and after leaving home, I had ac at the places I lived. At first my cars and trucks didn't have ac either but at least you had a breeze while going down the highway. I was told once by a guy that once you got a vehicle with ac then you would never go back. Well I haven't looked back for a lot of years and hopefully never will. If it ain't got ac then I don't own it.

 The same seems to go with your house. I can't remember ever having one without whether I rented or owned it. Spoiled is all I can say. I'm still puzzled and probably always will be why we as humans always go in opposite directions in the summer and winter. It gets hot outside so we look for a nice cold place to hide in and then in the winter when it gets nice and cold we look for a nice hot place to hide. I'll never figure that one out nor do I ever expect to have anyone give me an answer.
Well we need the heat and the sun so things will grow and all the little critters can raise their families and it's nice to have the warm weather so you can do things that just aren't going to be done when it's snowing and cold.
You know I don't really know where I was going with this post but I'm having so much fun blogging without problems of all sorts. It's nice also to see my friends again and have them comment now that they can without getting some stupid message saying they can't or the host telling them we are unable to post your comment now so try later. I have always liked to write and if I think of something to write about then I'm going to do so.
Anyway I have a 3 day weekend coming up because tomorrow I go for Chemo and this is suppose to be the last one. Yaayyyy. That will shoot the heck out of half a day but that will be alright. Supposedly on my next visit to the Dr. he is going to take me completely off the steriods and give me some new meds. Hopefully they will work and keep this thing from flaring up again. I've learned to live with it and as long as it stays quiet then that's fine with me.
Maybe if the skeeters aren't too bad tomorrow night I'll sit out by the chimenea fire and watch a movie on the laptop. I got a call today from a couple I know and they invited me over Saturday night for something on the grill. Always something good to eat over there. There's always something good to eat at any of my friends places and that includes mine. I guess they will throw a couple of pieces of an old cow on there and then we can gnaw on that most of the night. There is going to be another couple there and I might just go alone and not ask anyone to come along. The only person I know to ask is the cleaning lady anyhow.
If the weather holds out I will need to get some yardwork done. Garden work and the grass is getting a bit scarey looking. There might even be some critters living in it. It's just been too wet to do much with the garden so that might not turn out to be what it was going to be but I'll have a little something out there. I still haven't had the chance to get the patio completely setup so maybe I can do that. It would be nice to have it done before the first snow!
Well I guess I've rambled on long enough here so I'm going to end this mess and maybe play with the looks of my page some more.
I like how quickly Blogger publishes these posts also...instantly. With WLS it took several minutes most of the time and if you had pictures then forget it and come back later. Ok I'm done now for sure.


JennyD said...

Hey! Saw what you wrote on my blog, lol. Have to say, Curtis, the reason I was SO fast on the run back to the house was the 30 lbs I've put on since quitting the cigs. It was pretty easy to just "tuck and roll". Amazing the speed a bod can pick up like that.

As for the AC, oh yeahhhhh, same here. Only fans and the sweat to evaporate cooled us off. And AC in cars? HA, no way. The first car I bought was a brand new Camaro, the first yr they were out, and I saw these funny looking vent-like things inside. I asked the salesman if that was AC and he said, "Oh, nooooooo. It's MUCH better than AC; it's called Astro Ventilation." Silly me, I ate that right up and bought the car with nothing but an air vent that was shaped like TomorrowLand. Go figure. Well, shoot, nobody had air and so didn't know what to really look for, lol. Live and learn. I'm with you today. No air? I'm not there, either.

carol t said...

When I first heard of air conditioning I thought it was an unbelievable extravagant luxury... guess who even has it at her cabin now??lol. Anhoo, you better get that yard work done quick cuz if this storm we just had moves east you'll have another couple inches of rain.

Anonymous said...

You wrote about the hot days while working on the farm; I can identify with such days...I worked for ten years at a family-owned greenhouse here in central Iowa, and summer days there were scorchers!

Although I acclimated because I had to, some of those days were pretty tough. I lost that job about a decade ago, and am amazed how "soft" I've gotten since then, and how much I enjoy my central air.

When you wrote about the creative ways you found to keep cool, you didn't mention iced tea, lemonade, or ice cream. Nothing better!!!

Another great essay!