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A Little About What Little I Know About Myself

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Hold On I Know I Wrote This Down Somewhere, Canada
Just a quiet country boy who believes in remaining calm at all times even though there are times when a little excitement is necessary. I also believe in living each day to it's fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it makes one less you have coming. I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my late wife Ellen. She will always have a place in my heart. I like cooking, dining out, traveling, shopping, gambling, blogging, bling and I love my truck cause she's pretty and fast. Oh and let's not forget food.

July 25, 2010

Not Feeling Well

Yesterday I took a quick trip to Grand Forks for the day. After I ate lunch I wasn't feeling very well. I was tired and didn't have a lot of energy. This happens sometimes on the Chemo which I am taking in pill form now so I decided to head home. I went and had the truck washed (lots of bugs on it) and then I came straight home.. Shortly afer that I got chills. So bad actually that I was shaking really bad. I put more covers on the bed and before long I was burning up, This went on all night chills and heat and was still going today. I stayed in bed all day and maybe I'll be able to go to work tomorrow. I will call the Dr and find out about this. Maybe it's just a bug going around. Ok it's back to bed for me.

July 22, 2010

The Rain Got Me Thinking Back

This morning started out fairly busy at work but as the noon hour approached I had exceeded any expectations of how much I would get done. The owners were in from Saskatoon for the day and possibly tomorrow. They want to move to a larger location and were in town looking at some property. Maybe next year we will move but that's yet to be seen. Sooner or later I'm sure because we will and do need more space. I didn't perceive anything else much happening for the afternoon and what little might come across my desk I will be able to catch in the morning so I left for the day. I came home and fixed myself and nice lunch and then sat down at the computer to do some reading. The forecast was for some rain today and this time they had it right. I got home just in time to get my truck in the garage before it got wet or dirty. I know sometimes I'm a bit fanatical about a clean vehicle but that's just me. As I was sitting here I glanced up at the TV monitor attached to my security cameras and sat back for a bit and watched as the rain came down on the driveway. As I was watching the rain got me thinking back to a time long long ago when I was growing up on the farm.
Several times in my posts past you have read my descriptions of days when it would rain and the ways I amused myself or grandma would give me some indoor chores. As most of you know I was totally an outdoor person and where I was raised there was nothing but opportunity to be just that. All the hours I spent wandering around in the woods communicating with nature and just doing boy stuff that most would find completely boring and uninteresting in todays society. Still it was a joy to me and has played a big part in what I am today. With the lifestyle I lead my imagination was excersised to the maximum and the ability to find things to do and to be creative has followed me to this day. Just the awesomeness (did I just invent a word) of being alone in a vast woodland with nothing but nature all around. The sounds, the smells, the enjoyment of being around natures creations of beauty and the closeness I shared with the animals in the wild. It was and always will be the greatest of all adventures of my life. Even to this day I see images in my mind as clearly as I did when I was there as a young boy. There are other things in my life I've experienced that don't come close or even compare to these memories and I don't remember them as well either.
You can see I posted an image at the beginning of this story. What you see are Eastern Hemlocks, an evergreen that I have always loved. In West Virginia and lots of other places there are just an abundance of them. You would see them on the mountain sides, along creeks and rivers and around houses. When I was young and spending time in West Virginia during the summers, I would hike along some of the many creeks and there you would find lots of little hemlocks growing under the canopy of the larger ones. I would look and pick really nicely shaped ones and pull them up and stuff them into a sack I would be carrying. I would do this just before I was to return to the farm in Maryland with my grandparents. I kept the roots moist and when I returned home I would take and plant them in various locations about the farm. We had a circular driveway and I planted a few around there and when I finally left that place as an older person they were so big and majestic. I always loved that real Christmas tree look they had and the way the branches especially lower ones would blanket the ground.
Here I sat thinking about pine trees and watching the rain come down as I relaxed and once again exercised my mind by remembering things from and era past. This probably isn't going to be easy to explain but I'll try. As I think back and think about these Hemlocks I get this feeling of coziness and a closeness that is almost as real as it was then. Got you thinking already I'm sure. What possible way could a pine tree conjure up such feelings. Well here comes the explanation.
As I've posted before when I tired of being inside I would go out and play in the cornhouse or some other shed and maybe even doze off while listening to the sound of the rain tapping on the tin roof of these sheds. The same applies to the Hemlocks because there were many times when I would go to one of them and skuch up under the branches where it would be nice and dry and play and pretend. The way the branches and needles were formed on these trees provided excellent shelter from the elements. They were also easy to climb and the bark was not rough as on most evergreens, but rather smooth. This canopy of green which swooped down to the ground left a cave like opening directly under the tree and there was lots of room in there also. It wasn't uncommon to skuch (yeah that's a word us country folk use) up under one of these trees and find one of the local rabbits or even some birdies there. I would lay under there and listen to the rain as it hit the ground and leaves surrounding my hiding place and often times doze there too. I had these trees planted even in the deepest woods and often time used them for shelter or even an observation post. Sitting quietly under this canopy of green undetected and watching as natures world unfolded before my very eyes. I know it wasn't a shopping mall or a video game (which I had never heard of back then) but it was a video. A video that has been recorded in my mind for all these years never to be forgotten and a sight that many have or never will see.

You see how the branches are flat and almost in a woven pattern. Put them all together and there it is, the majestic Hemlock. Just look at this picture and see yourself skuching up under this tree into another world hidden from the world in front of you undetectable as you sit or lay quietly listening and seeing all from the greatest of all vantage spots. Can't you almost find yourself feeling that cozy closeness you would get in there? You had to be there to really know but maybe you can feel a bit of it or at least understand it some.
To some it may seem silly but to me it's serious. It's times like these when I sit and look at pictures of where I came from that I really start to miss being there. I was lonely as a kid but never felt that way because being alone was part of my life and that's why I filled it with such things as I describe in posts such as this. Also I came from a family life rich in love, closeness, and good values. There was lots of land around and not a whole lot of people so you learned to be busy whether at work or play. I did things, learned things, and had experiences that I wish more people could have had but since they didn't I can only tell them how it was. My life growing up on the farm was another lifetime. To this day I can sit back and just think of tons of memories of that lifetime and then when I grew up things were different. Time has flown by and this other lifetime I've lived doesn't seem to have as many memories or at least not that I can remember. To me it doesn't come to mind as another lifetime as did my youth. Strange but still a fact.
Getting back to the Hemlocks before I forget who and where I am, it wasn't just during the rain I would escape to these wonderful hideouts. You know these remind me of the fodder shocks you've read about in my previous posts and how I would hide and play pretend in but the difference was location.

 The fodder shocks were in an open field while the Hemlocks were in the woods hidden away from the rest of the world. No not just during rain storms, but during the winter months when everything was cloaked with a blanket of white. The Hemlocks were especially great for these times. I would go into the woods tracking to see which animals had been out and about and I would find a spot where there was good activity and then find a Hemlock to hide under.

Hemlocks held the snow well on their branches leaving a nice dry place underneath out of the cold and wind. Have you ever noticed how quiet it seems to get after a nice blanket of snow covers everything? Well imagine you are out in the woods and there are no major highways nearby nor are there any houses close and here you are skuched (there's that word again) up under one of these spots. Can you hear the quiet? Most people say you can't hear quiet but that's because they have never really heard it. I have and it's so calming but to me back then it was just the way it was suppose to be. You are sitting quietly and occasionally you hear  a plop as a big clump of snow falls from a nearby tree. You hear the beautiful singing of the cardinals in their bright red coats which are winter birds and the peeping like music of the smaller birds. Then all of a sudden you hear this whooshing sound as a great owl comes soaring by with it's masive wingspan cutting through the air and then it gets quiet again as it glides away. Listen closely and you might hear a crunching sound as a deer approaches and it's hoofs cut through the fresh snow. It can't see you hidden under the boughs of the tree but it catches your scent and alertly looks about with it's ears up and then makes this loud snorting sound as it prances away only to stop a short distance from you thinking the danger is past and starts once again rooting through the snow for morsels of food hidden beneath. You too have dug beneath the snow in places to find these red berries we always called Creek Berries and eat them the same as the deer. These are the times when you would more than likely find some critter hidden under these trees. I have found numerous birds, squirrels, rabbits and an occassional fox hiding there. Even with the protection you would start to feel the cold and then you would move on taking with you those videos in your mind of what you saw not thinking that they would be there some 50 years later just as vivid as that very day.
Yes just sitting here watching the rain on the monitor and thinking back. Back to that time I have treasured for all these years and sometimes I find myself wishing I'd had off spring to tell these stories to but I don't so all I can do is leave them out here for anyone interested. Funny how the mind has these things stored away just like a hard drive. It took man years to develope the electronics such as the hard drive to store information on probably not realizing he had one with him all along.
So for now I shut the memories down and get ready for bed so I can make my way to the office in the morning but it was a nice trip and I only hope you enjoyed it as well. I will still feel that cozy feeling as I nestle my head into the pillow and drift off to sleep pretending maybe that I'm under the boughs of one of those Hemlocks so long ago feeling safe and secure from the rest of the world.
Good Night.

July 18, 2010

The Weekend Is Over Already???

It's hard to believe that this weekend is almost over! Sure doesn't seem like it's been 2 1/2 days already. I knew I should have taken the whole day off on Friday instead of working a half day. Oh well it will probably be a short work week so maybe I can get a longer weekend this coming week. Yesterday started off good but in the afternoon it rained and thundered like no tomorrow. Just as I had put a steak on the grill it busted loose. I thought maybe I would have time and it looked as if it might pass by me, but no such luck. I guess I looked a little funny out there with an umbrella turning my steak but a man has to do what a man has to do. Of course it wasn't 5 minutes after I was done it stopped raining for an hour. Geez what a bummer but the steak was cooked to perfection so I was too busy enjoying my dinner to worry about it. Naturally my truck got dirty with the roads being wet but I went today and had that taken care of. Now she's in her garage all nice and shiney again waiting to take me where I might want to go. Probably won't go anywhere until work in the morning. After leaving the carwash I went to Rona and found an edge trimmer, weed whacker, weed eater or whatever you call it. I had been to a few other places but they had been picked clean and there weren't any I was interested in. I have a cordless battery powered one that I've used for several years by Black & Decker and it still works but I think it's time is about up. I only paid $39 for the thing and it's done a great job. Like a lot of battery tools nowadays you can buy them cheap; use them for a few years and then throw them away. We are in the disposable age. The one I found was the same brand as the reel mower I bought 3 years ago which is still kicking. The make is Gardena and this thing has wheels, a head that swivels to trim along the edge of sidewalks and driveways and you can the use wheels if you like while weed trimming, and the handle is fully adjustable. Lots of adjustments and it uses these trimming blades like ones I used years ago on a gas trimmer I had. No string to mess with and it's battery powered so no gas either. Nice and quiet just like the mower. Heck I could go out at midnight and cut my yard and trim around the edges and the neighbors would never know.

If this bad boy lasts like the mower has then I'll be happy with it. Even with the 18 volt battery it's as light as a feather. Weighing in at $169 (wisely spent casino money) it was a bit more than the other one but it's more flexable, adjustable, and powerful so that's alright with me.

It's nice outside but it has gotten a bit warm and the sun is really cooking so I think I'll wait until later to go bust some weeds in the butt and do some trimming and mowing. As soon as Hop-Along Cassidy is over (comes on at 3 for an hour) and I figure out what I want to fix for supper then I'll go out. I'm thinking breakfast for supper. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Add some coffee and orange juice and then stick it in my face. Sounds like a workable plan to me.

So I stayed out of trouble by staying home except for the trip to the carwash and Rona today and the grocery store (more wisely spent casino money) yesterday. I've relaxed a lot and feel good and rested which was the plan all along.

Maybe a trip across the border for breakfast next weekend...we'll see.

Also on my weather widget on the side, I forgot to tell you that if you hold you mouse in the middle of it you will get these 4 arrows which you click in the middle of and the thing comes up full screen. It's cool with smoke coming out of the chimney of the house and the flowers sway in the breeze. It it shows rain for any day then click on that and it will rain. At night there are stars, even shooting ones, and the lights come on in the house. This thing is just way too cool. Got time...check it out. Hit your esc key to exit.

July 16, 2010

Part Time Job ? Which One ?

Well another week is done and another weekend is upon us. The week was good but nothing really exciting...well almost nothing. Lately at my job I have been cutting my hours. When the work is done and I can no longer be creative enough to look busy I go home. I'm going to try this for awhile and see how it goes. I don't mind working but with the health issues I've had of late this is an opportunity for me to relax and get better. Things will get busier before long and then I will have to be at it all day everyday but for now I can get my job done and leave early or just take off a day here and there and go in later and catch things up again. Of course I don't get paid for this time off but that's alright. Yesterday I went downtown for a meeting with my financial planners and moved some funds around so I could start writing myself paychecks. I figured if I paid myself a couple grand a month along with another pension I'm already getting it would be enough to make up for my loses. I only plan on doing this until things pick up and then I'll stop the checks. I guess you could say I'm sort of semi-retired at this time but still have a full time job. Works for me and with the long weekends during the summer months, what more could a fellow ask for. For now I'm happy with it and it's something I can afford to do.

Now I guess you are wondering about the title of this post right? Well lately I've been working part time at the casino since I have time to spend. No I'm not an employee there or anything serious like that but I have considered it a part time position. My regular job is full time but for now I'm working it more part time than anything. The casino is for entertainment purposes only. The weekend before last I went to the casino for a bit and left with a cool $1000 dollars to the good. One day during the middle of the week while I was off at my other part time job (my full time one) I went back in just for the heck of it. Not a good idea because this time I left $200 down...Bummer. I managed to stay out of there until this past Tuesday and I came out then $400 ahead so things weren't too bad. I was still on the plus side by $1200. Well today I finished up everything at work and came home at lunch. Well I didn't actually make it home because once again I decided to go to the casino and work for awhile. Things were looking a little bleak for a bit and then things started happening. Little by little I was climbing the ladder back to the winning side and then all of a sudden I hit a big one. I played for maybe 30 minutes more because I had some money on the machine before I hit the big one but things were just bouncing around and not getting me anywhere so I quit and cashed in and then came home. Oh I cashed in and came out $1040 to the good. Now I'm trying to figure which and what is supplementing what and which job is really part time. Is my regular job supplementing my casino job or vice versa and is the money I'm paying myself actually necessary or just a bonus and why do all of a sudden I feel as if I've gotten one heck of a raise. Right now I'm working less and making more than before. Works for me. One would think I had a horseshoe up my butt and if I do then so be it, I'll just leave it there for now.

Only thing left is to figure out what to do this weekend. No I'm not going back to the casino (famous last words) because I've worked enough this week. If it doesn't rain as they are predicting then I'll cut the grass and do some local shopping. I'm looking for a stronger edge trimmer and hopefully can find one that is still battery powered. If not I'll go with a gas powered one. I'm not into dragging a cord around with me while trimming. I want to clean the grills on my charcol barbeque and paint them up so I can start using it again instead of the gas one. See it's going to be good having extra time so I can finally get some things done around here.

I doing good at this time and it's great now that I don't have to push myself everyday.
Life is good and I'm taking advantage of it.
Hope all of you have a great weekend and do lots of fun stuff together with your families if you have one and if not then have fun anyway. I'm going to.

Hey maybe I should try chasing girls and sniffing...Oh never mind...not a good idea.
Who wants to sniff smelly ol fire hydrants anyway?

July 15, 2010

Fried Chicken

Well I ain't here a tryin' to out do no one but after reading a recent post by one my blogging friends about a chicken I just had to write a post myself. Of course I'm sure you've probably guessed by now that it's about chickens. Sounds like a good subject for today.

I remember way back when, back when I was just a young'n growing up on the farm with my grandparents. My grandmother as some of you know was from West Virginia and she had several brothers who had also moved to Maryland and bought farms. One of her brothers Uncle Clark passed away when I was still young but I do remember him pretty well and the other, Uncle Cabell, was around most of my life. He was the younger of the group. One day my Uncle Cabel stopped by as he often did and told grandma he had a gift for me. I guess I was around 8 at the time and it was just before Easter so this was to be my Easter present. He brought this box around to the back porch and handed it to me. I could hear noises inside and when I opened it I found 2 baby chicks. I had the Boxer dogs, a white rabbit and a pet pig so I don't know why he thought I needed another pet but he did. I was tickled pink with them and immediately put them out on the porch and ran and got some chicken feed. I put a small amount down and started taping my finger on the porch and saying Peep Peep...Peck Peck...Peep Peep...Peck Peck, and they came running over to me and started eating. My uncle asked what I was going to call them and I answered right away "Peep Peep and Peck Peck". One turned out to be a rooster and the other a hen of course. They were White Leghorns and they grew to a pretty good size.

As time went on they grew and settled in at the chicken house with all the rest of the birds but they knew they were special. They were always around me scratching and hunting bugs on the ground and just being good company as any well treated and loved pet. Now they didn't jump up into my arms or want their bellies rubbed but they were lots of fun. Somewhere along the line Peck Peck the rooster developed a mean streak. I guess since he was the ruler of the hen house and a pretty big fellow he could pretty much do what he wanted. Never once did he show and meaness toward me but for some reason he took a likin' to floggin' my grandfather. Knowing he was my pet my grandfather pretty much tolerated him because it wasn't like every time he came outside the rooster was hiding in the bushes somewhere just waiting for him but one day he had  enough of Mr. Peck Peck. I remember it to this day when he gave my grandfather a really good floggin'. For one thing we never trimmed the spurs off the back of Peck Peck's leg and they were pretty long and could do serious damage. Well I remember my grandfather building a smoke house for the meat when we butchered hogs. Also known as a meat house. Well there he was trying to work and ol Peck Peck would come over there and do his little dance. Lots of times when rooster are getting ready to fight they will do this silly dance around their opponent and do this charging thing throwing out their chests and stopping just before making contact. Well he kept this up and my grandfather would shoo him off. This only got Peck Peck aroused and ready to duke it out. Finally and I remember this so well, my grandfather was bent over with 1 knee holding the board he was sawing and here comes Peck Peck. He ran over there and leaped into the air and landed square on my grandfather's back and began to just flog the heck out of him and he was using those hind spurs too. It really wasn't funny but it was if you know what I mean. My grandfather was running around trying to get this crazed bird off his back and couldn't reach him and Peck Peck was having a field day. Finally he shook him off and hurried into the house and I heard him yelling as he told grandma that the  rooster had to go. Well I knew what that meant and I told Peck Peck he had really done it this time and there was nothing I could do to save him. He didn't seem bothered by the situation and just went about strutting around proud of the fact that he had won that battle hands down.

Poor ol Peck Peck. One day while I was at school grandma did him in and that night we had fried chicken. Well the rest of the family had fried chicken but not me. That's the only time in my life I ever turned down fried chicken. I  just couldn't bring myself to do it but my grandfather sure seemed to enjoy it. Guess he really won after all.

Even though we would kill chickens after they weren't laying eggs much and were getting older, Peep Peep was allowed to live out her life as my pet until passing away of old age.

Sigh Fried Chicken...I thought about Peck Peck for a time after that when I was eating fried chicken but time heals all wounds.

Thought I would leave you with this little diddy to entertain you some.
Remember ol FogHorn the Leghorn? I just loved this bird.

July 13, 2010


Well since I've been back from Fargo it's been pretty much dullsville around here. Weather has been nice but that's about the only thing going on. Been to work 2 days now and there isn't any excitement around there but I guess there isn't suppose be. Things on the homefront have really been boring. The cats are being so lazy that they are making me lazy. Hey I did take the trash out to the curb this morning so that was something. Oh yeah and I did the dishes last night. Well the dishwasher did them, I just watched. TV has been the pits and the few movies I've tried to watch...yes tried to watch because I usually end up falling asleep and never see what happens. Guess all the excitement around here is making me sleepy. Here it is only 6pm and I'm yawning like mad. Well the cleaning lady will be here tomorrow so that will perk me up. Just like last week when I fell asleep in front of the TV and she had to wake me to get her money and go home. I'm probably putting ya'll to sleep with this post so guess I'll quit for now but as soon as anything happens around here I'll let you know.

Hope everyone is having a good week and hope it continues.

July 11, 2010

Made It Home

Well I made it home from Fargo. Yep Home Sweet Home. I guess you ain't believin' this is a pitcher of my home either eh? I had nice weather and the trip was without incident. There was no one at the border and I guess they were in a good mood because they didn't even make me go in and pay duty. They just said have a nice trip home so I burned rubber. I got home at 11:30, another 3 1/2 hr trip. Oh by the way I think some of you might have believed some of the stuff in my previous posts judging from the comments. Well heck I was only foolin' a bit trying to throw a little humor into it. Don't worry, I had a swack of American and Canadian cash on me still, my credit cards are paid up (so is my phone bill) and the only payments I have are taxes, utilities and the truck. That is the reason I can get stupid from time to time and just go and have fun. I better make that more clear next time. I got home and unloaded and put away my loot as usual, changed into shorts and a tee shirt and poured myself a big tall glass of iced tea. After I was done that it was past 12 noon when things are open so I boogied down to the car wash and had the truck cleaned. Man there were more bugs out on this trip. Poor truck looked like it had been to a bugfest. Now she's all shiney and tucked away in her garage.

I noticed that Ellen's lillies she had planted and nurtured had started blooming. I never knew just what kind they are and I don't think she did either. All I know is they are absolutely beautiful. Such a nice color and different from most you see around. I was waiting for them to bloom so I could take a few to the cemetery so I snipped a couple of them and that's where I went next. I just figured it would brighten things up if she had some of her special flowers there and I was due for a visit.
Click on these photos and see just how pretty they are.

Prettiest flowers in the whole place. I was kinda hoping maybe she would come and take a look and sniff them but then sometimes I have really high hopes. Anyway they brightened Sweet Pie's spot up a bit and that's all that matters I guess.

Oh my goodness it's time for Hop Along Cassidy so I had better git outta here and turn on the TV.
It was a good weekend, I have more clothes that I didn't need again, my friends all got home safely so life is good.

July 10, 2010

A Little Of This A Little Of That And A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Well this is what happens when you do way too much shopping. You come home with empty pockets and a bunch of stuff you probably didn't need in the first place. That's me again, lots of stuff I didn't need and after yesterday and this morning, I'm so broke now I couldn't change time. It took some doing but after checking under the floor mats and between the seats, I was able to come up with just enough money to fill the gas tank in this beast I drive. Will have to do without anything to eat until I get home and hopefully I can find enough to do me until pay day next week. I should probably take most of the stuff I bought back tomorrow and get my money back but there's this matter of pride. No money, credit cards are all maxed out but at least I have enough gas to get home and take me to work most of next week. Amazing eh? How can a big 4 door 4 wheel drive truck with a 400 hp hemi in it come from Winnipeg to Fargo and drive around yesterday and today and use only  half a tank of gas? I'm a firm believer in buying economical  fuel efficient vehicles.

Don't worry because if I have any trouble I'll call one of my friends back home for assistance providing my cell phone hasn't been cut off due to a lack of payments.

I did go back to my favorite clothing store today but only spent $93 . This trip has been an all time low for me in that store. I bought a few bottles of cologne because I'm down to my last 20 or so bottles at home. I ain't kiddin' neither. I must have every stink Adidas makes plus a few other brands. I like to smell good when I go to work or out somewhere especially on those days when I don't feel like bathing.

I went over to my friends room last night and had a glass of wine which is a tradition with us it seems. Yes only one glass not 5 bottles this time. I got up early [goes without saying] and went to iHop and had a skillet breakfast. That hit the spot and then came back to my room to wait for the stores to open. Heck those city folks were still in their room when I got back! Geez how can people take all morning to get up and do anything? It would drive me to absolute madness to have to wait on someone who took that long to get ready. I'd probably leave them there and say I'll see you when I get back. Bet they would hurry up next time.

I laid around in my room just resting and playing with my blog page which I think I've finally gotten to where I like it until those city folk called me and asked if I wanted to meet them for a bite to eat. Heck I was hungry by then since I'd had breakfast at 6:30 and it was now 3:00, so I met up with them. We parted and they were going to do a bit more shopping and then head home but I'm not going back until tomorrow morning so I went back to my room and here I sit. I gave some thought to going to a few more stores but I just felt like relaxing and then when I found I didn't have any money left, that settled it. Hopefully I won't have to pay for the room either because my credit card will probably bounce. I'll just have to sneak out somehow.

I guess it's good to be so broke you are forced into being thrifty or is that depressed. So tomorrow I'll take my few bags of loot home and spent the rest of the week just staring at them to remind myself why I'm hungry. Looks like I'll be eating weiner water soup for awhile.

Hope everyone out here had a great weekend and that your weather was kind to you. I read where a few of you have gotten a bit of relief from the dryness and heat and that's good. It has been absolutely wonderful down here. The highest temps I saw were 87 and there was a nice breeze all weekend. It was just right.

July 9, 2010

Back In The USA Again...

Well hello everyone it's me down here in Fargo, North Dakota. What the heck am I doing here? It's funny you asked. I knew that 3 of my friends were coming down this weekend and I started kidding them that I was going to show up too. Of course they asked me if I was kidding and I said maybe. Today I went into work and tore into the paperwork I had to do like a flea lookin' for a dog to bite and there was a bit since I was off yesterday. A few more orders came across my desk along with some purchasing but I was undaunted by the amount of work that had to be done. I got to thinking about Fargo and before lunch I had everything done that was there and I didn't figure much more would be coming through on a Friday afternoon and if it did then it could wait until Monday morning. I turned off the lights and told everyone I would see them Monday and out the door I went. I hurried home, packed a few things in my suitcase, took care of the cats [extra food and water and poo poo boxes and litter] stuffed a laptop into a case and loaded up the truck and off I went. Stopping to fill up with gas was the only stop I made until getting to the border. There was hardly anyone at the border so that didn't take long and since the speed limit is faster in the states, I mashed the gas and let the ol hemi roar. Set the cruise at 80 mph and set my sights on Fargo. I left home around 1:30, made my gas stop and was in my room by 5:00. It's about a 4 hour trip usually but this time there was construction everywhere and lots of slow zones. Even at that I made it to my room in 3 1/2 hours. Me drive a little fast?? No Way!!

I called my friends to see where they were and they were just leaving Grand Forks which is 75 miles north of here. The one I was talking to asked me what I was doing and I told her I was just going online in my room here in Fargo. Surely you're kidding she said and I replied "could be". They aren't here yet so that means they went shopping before checking in and I could tell by the tone of her voice she did not believe I was here and was only joking. Won't they be surprised when they see my truck in the parking lot! No I never do anything on the spur of the moment...well almost never...well ok lots of times.

I went cruising around and hit the dollar store for the essentials like tooth paste, tooth brush, stuff to wash my butt off with and some bottled water. Next thing I knew I ended up in my favorite clothing store of all times like I always do down here and bought more stuff I didn't need. A mear $315 worth of stuff I really didn't need. Everytime I go into that store I put on my stupid hat but I love the clothes I get there. A little high end and very good quality. Brands like Cutter Buck, Synrgy, Oak Manor, and Harbor Bay. Anyway I just hope I don't go back into there again tomorrow like I always do. I probably won't do much damage tomorrow but I'll have to go to Gordman's and probably Lowes and Kohls.

Sunday morning I'll head back early and probably be home by lunch time. You just know I'll be at iHop in the morning for breakfast. I just got back a bit ago from Famous Dave's Barbque Restaurant, took a shower and now I'm so full I can't even move. I had the Texas Brisket with the spicy green beans, potato salad, corn on the cob and corn bread muffin with iced tea and of course you just don't leave there without having this huge portion of their Bread Pudding. OMG it is so good and I'm so full but I think I said that once. Ok just heard from the rest of the bunch and they are going to Paradiso Mexcan Restaurant. I told them I was done for. Alright let me settle in and see what's on the TV and if that doesn't work then I have lots of movies and TV shows on here. I even have PCTV4ME on here which gives me over 2000 channels from all around the world. I'll have plenty to watch, no problem there. It's great being a High Tech Redneck. You can take a trip around the world no matter where you might be at the time and never leave your chair.

Just like Pure Pairie League said in one their songs on the album New Riders of the Purple Sage...take a trip and never leave the farm.

Ok that's it until probably tomorrow when I get out and stir up some trouble.

July 8, 2010

On The Mend

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The temperature was just right with a nice gentle breeze and the skies were blue as blue could be with lots of fluffy white clouds.

I had an appointment at the Specialists today and that seemed to go well. No more chemo but I am starting on a new drug by the name of Azathioprine which is to replace it. I'm not to sure about it because just reading about it is enough to scare the heck out of you but I'll have to give it a try. I'm sure the Doctor knows what he is doing. He's gotten me this far but it's still scarey. Time will tell. Anyway he did state that I was on the mend so that's good news. I just took the whole day off today so tomorrow it's back to the office and the tremendous work load I deal with on a daily basis.

I didn't do much  of anything after my appointment except go get my meds and go to the casino for a bit. Yep went out gambling again. Wasn't as lucky as last time when I walked with $1100.00, instead I lost $100.00. Got lucky toward the end because I was down $200.00 which is what I had alloted myself and ended up getting enough to keep me where I ended up. I said the heck with it and cashed in and left.

Three of my friends are going to Fargo tomorrow but they are coming back Saturday. Three women on a mission of some sort. I'm sure it has something to do with the wedding coming up next month. I was thinking about going down too just to make sure they didn't get into  any trouble but just to go down on Friday evening and come home Saturday afternoon is insane even for me. I probably wouldn't have seen much of them except at dinner because I would be out somewhere trying to figure what the heck I was doing there in the first place. Maybe for the whole weekend but not for that little bit of time. Guess I'll just hang out here in town and try to get a few things done around the house and see what else I can get into. I feel an early morning Wal Mart trip coming up Saturday at probably 3am which is my usual time. I'm sure there will be at least 1 skillet breakfast but I'm kinda in the mood to do my own breakfasts this weekend so I'll just have to see about that one. The weather people are talking about rain but they have talked about that the last few days and it hasn't amounted to enough to write home about so will have to play that by ear as usual. It's been warm up here but nowhere near what a lot of my blogging friends are getting back out on the east coast of the states. What they are getting is total madness.

Well that's it for the excitement around here until I can get some going so now it's movie time and then off to sleep and one more day of work and then 2 days off.

As some of you can see I have been making a lot of changes on my blogging page. I'll get it where I want it before long. I am truely enjoying blogging again since I got away from that mess on Live Spaces they created. Just writing hassle free and loving it.

July 6, 2010

Hey Lookie...Flowers!

I was checking the flower bed in front of the house this evening (which needs some work) and decided to take a few shots of the flowers there. As you can see with the problems I've had this year I haven't really done much with the grass except cut it but maybe next year I'll be able to do more with it. At least for now it looks good enough to keep me from being kicked out of the neighborhood.

Ellen planted bulbs and nurtured some lillys that come out looking absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully they will be out by this weekend and I will cut a few and take them to the cemetery. They just about there.

As you can see my Hosta plants have done good this year and I actually gave the cleaning lady about half of the ones you see here and they are still taking over. I have several different kind.

I'm sorry but I have forgotten what these little bell looking ones are poking their heads out from the ferns.

On the other side I have these lillys that have the most awesome of colors. They just look so pretty over there by themselves.

Well that's it until Ellen's come out in full bloom and I get a shot of them. I have some stored on one of the other computers but I'll just wait a few more days for this batch. So as you can see I'm at least keeping the place livable looking and as you look down the driveway you can see the farm trucks home. It's in bed resting until morning when it takes me to work.

Ok I see by the ol clock on the wall that it's time for me to lay down and read the backside of my eyelids and get some sleep. See ya'll tomorrow.

It's Been Forever

The other day I realized that I have never really thought about how long a time it's been since I was first born into this world. Oh I've noticed at times when you are filling something out on the internet and they ask for the year you were born just how back I have to scroll to get to that year. I decided to do a photo album project and it was a project let me tell you.

As most of you know I'm a Dodge man and have been most of my life. Anything that is a mopar is good by me. I've had other brands over the years but my first was a 1963 Plymouth station wagon with the old 225 slant six engine. Those things were too tough to kill and I guess that's why they quit making them. Can't make a profit off something that never needs fixing. Need to make something that breaks occassionally. There have been lots of motors in my time they have quit making like the 283 and 327. Anyway as I stated I have strayed a few times but for the last 27 years it has been Dodge all the way with a few odds and ends thrown in but they weren't my main means of transportation. Like lots of people who have owned other brands for years, I have had great service from mine and the ease of mind that my vehicle will be ready to go when I'm ready to go.

There lots of different models that have been added over the years of which some I have had but in this photo album I just picked the basic full sized pickup by Dodge since I was born in 1950 until the present. Well as I was searching out these photos to post that's when I realized just how long I've been alive! Putting together 60 years of photos was a bit of a task. I'm not use to doing this in Blogger but I did manage to get it so there is a slide show for anyone interested. There has been a lot of changes since back then.

Just click on the truck photo above if you wish and off you will go on a 60 year journey of the Dodge Pickup Truck.

You may have noticed on the next to the last one which was the 2009 model I slipped a photo my truck in that spot. Shame on me.

July 4, 2010

To My Fellow Americans

To all of you in America...Happy 4th of July

I embeded a fireworks video above for you to enjoy from Boston Harbor.
 Awesome display on full screen.

July 3, 2010

A Guide To Healthy Eating

Well before I get to my guide to healthy living, I want to recap the events of the day. For the most part it's been a really nice day. Nice and hot that is! I did a few things outside which I probably shouldn't have because this chemo crap is not good in the heat and sun. Anyway I survived it and now I'm staying inside where it's nice and cool.

Early this morning I had carpet cleaners scheduled. I hadn't had them done in some time so I figured it was about time to get back on track. The lady from the cleaning place had been calling me off and on and at the time my schedule didn't allow for me to be home when they could come by. Besides with all the rain we had been having and everything being wet and muddy, I couldn't see having them done just yet. Finally a little over a week ago I decided to setup an appointment since we had been having some nice days. I woke this morning to the rumble of thunder and rain and my first thought was great, just great. Here it had been nice and now the morning they were to come and clean the carpets we are having a thunderstorm! Around 7:30 things did a complete reverse and the sun came out. Things dried up and it was nice when they arrived at 10:00. Now the carpets are all nice and new looking and smelling fresh.

I went out and about a few hours after they left and went for a ride. I was thinking about getting something to eat but couldn't make  up my mind where to go. Eventually I gave up trying to decide and just went to the Seine River Cafe and had a late in the day skillet breakfast. After that I went to the grocery store and picked up a few items for later today. I got home and put everything away and then went outside to try and get a few things done. One of my friends called me and asked if I would like to go out to dinner with a group of them. I was all for it until I stayed outside a bit too long so then I had to decline the offer and just stay home. It gets like that sometimes but I just deal with it.

I laid around for awhile and then decided to fix something to eat hoping that would make me feel better and then I would have that over and done with so I could relax the rest of the evening. I thought long and hard on what to have and that's when I decided to eat healthy for a change. I thought maybe I would share with you my guidelines for healthy eating.

First of all there was to be no steak today. Nope I've had enough for awhile so I got off the red meat kick and went with white meat. Yep chicken. I hadn't cooked any chicken in awhile so I figured why not. Now I must warn you that some of these pictures are rather graphic and it's advised that maybe you close your eyes through this part. If you click on any of the pictures you are on your own and if you click on them again to enlarge them even more then I won't be responsible for what happens afterwards.

You get yourself a large gallon size freezer bag and put in a couple pieces of chicken. Next take some Terriyaki sauce especially the kind with sesame and ginger added. Pour enough to coat the bird and then put in the fridge for an hour or two. In the mean time fix up some nice iced tea as a beverage to go with your meal. Sweet if you like but I usually drink mine sugarless with lemon. I know down south tea is made really really sweet and I like it that way also but to me unsweetened seems to quinch the thirst better and you don't need an insulin shot afterwards. I use my Mr. Coffee Ice Tea maker so there is ice in the pitcher when it's done and all you have to do is put it in the fridge until dinner time.

Next if you have some sugar [sweet] corn laying around then shuck about 3 ears and get some water boiling. I find that 3 ears is a more than ample amount especially if that's all you have. During this time you should have slipped out and fired up the grill to get it hot. Take the chicken in the bag to the grill and put your pieces over the flames and close the lid. Keep the sauce in the bag handy because as the chicken cooks and you turn it, you will need to pour a bit of it on the side you have up. Do this each time you turn the bird. Before you know it you have this bird cooked with some blackened crunchies on the outside from the terryaki sauce getting broiled in the flames. Oh that is so good! Remember these pictures are rather graphic.

See what Mean...that is a disgusting looking piece of chicken but it's probably good for you. Maybe not?

Then you put those ears of corn on a plate and just lather them with butter [real butter] because you know how healthy that is for your arteries.

Oh my I can just feel that butter dripping off my chin as I make crunching and slurping noises all the way across each ear until there isn't any left. Now that just has to be good for you. Maybe not?

Throw a dolop of potato salad on your plate along with a couple slices of some 49 grain french bread to sop up the sauces when you are done. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a meal that's as healthy as it gets. Maybe not?

Now there's a meal that any health nut would go for. Or was that you'd have to be nuts to think that is in any way good for you? Oh I see something in the picture I forgot to mention. No it's not Lemon Meringue Pie! There will be no more of that at least for awhile. Instead I had a healthy dessert of Coconut Creme Pie. Coconut is good for you isn't it? Especially if it's toasted right?

Well there you have it folks my guide for today's healthy eating. I do hope the pictures weren't too graphic for you because I was only trying to be helpful.

I was going to go out and run this meal off but I see the clouds are getting dark and I hear thunder rumbling all around again. As good an excuse as any right? Besides if you really thought even for a second I was going out there and run, then you need to seek some professional help. Really!

July 2, 2010

Marriage License...

Ok calm down and don't panic. Before you do let me explain that the marriage license are not mine. One of my closest friends is getting married in August where in one of my previous posts I showed the cabin in which I will be staying during the festivities. Her house is where the dinner party and bon-fire was Wednesday night. Last night she called and said that her fiance's car was broke and wouldn't start. He was suppose to drive to Kenora a quaint little town in the Lake of the Woods area in Ontairo but now couldn't go and she asked me if I would mind taking him. Kenora is about a 2 1/2 hour trip from here and I hadn't been there in probably 5 years. Ellen and I use to rent a cottage for a week every summer about 20 minutes before Kenora and we spent a lot of time there. Kenora reminds me of a small town USA place which I have always loved and grew up in and was living in before coming to Canada. Above is the Town Hall where we had to go to get THEIR marriage license. Below is a shot of down town.

It's a busy little town with lots of tourist. Lake of the Woods is a very popular place up  here. It was a great day for a drive so I fired up the ol farm truck and off we went. We stopped after about an hour into the trip and had breakfast. Les the fellow I was taking to Kenora bought me breakfast. The only stipulation was they had to feed me on the trip. Hey food is as good as money to me and besides I didn't want any money for gas or anything so I let them talk me into the food deal. Twist my rubber arm eh? They have been helpful to me in the past and besides my rule is "what kind of a friend would I be if you had to pay me to do something". Anyway the trip went without a hitch [have to watch how I use that word] and we made it back in one piece. Les offered me lunch but I fibbed and said I was still full from breakfast. Now I have to get outta here and fire up the grill and see if I can find a piece of an old cow around here to cook up and have something to eat. I'm starving!!
Ok now I feel better. Just the thought of  food made it impossible for me to function anymore at the keyboard so up I jumped and ran into the kitchen in search of a morsel. I did find a tiny piece of an old dead cow in the refridgerator so I seasoned it up and tossed it on the grill.

 Next I found a small potato so I threw it into the microwave to cook. I looked around a bit more and found some corn laying around so I shucked a couple [meaning 3] ears and threw them into a pot of boiling water. Before you could say snap crackle pop I had managed to come up with a morsel of something to keep me going.

Oh I think I eated too much again. I have come to the conclusion that I must start cutting these steaks in half because they are a bit much. I guess that small potato wasn't quite as small as I thought either and that corn sitting there all lathered in butter just calling out "eat me" really did me in...well almost.

Jenny is probably going to want to kill me after this but since she raved so much about it last night [I'm sure this was what she was raving about] and went on how she wanted it right now I figured what the heck might as well have another piece of that wonderful tasting Lemon Meringue Pie. I'm glad there is only 1 piece left because I want to finish it off and go get me a Banana or Coconut Creme Pie next. Ummmm Nummmy.

Ok so much for my adventures today now it's time to get horizontal and watch a movie. Won't need any pop corn that's for sure.

Ya know one of these days I might have to get me a woman so I can have a decent home-cooked meal....NAH

Also I took the fireworks off the video and put on some really good Spanish Guitar at the top of the blog. Enjoy.

July 1, 2010

Lunch Anyone??

Today is Canada Day which is our equivalent to America's 4th of July. I took a ride around today just to see what was happening and this is what I saw. NOTHING!!!! Everything was closed. There were people all over the place with no where to go just wandering about aimlessly. People were washing their vehicles, mowing there yards, walking their dogs and a few of us were grilling. It was a little after lunch and I was getting a might hungry and there were some restaurants open but I couldn't think of any place I wanted to go. After making a wide circle about the area I headed home in a direction which I knew the path would lead me by the little store up the street. I think the only days that place is closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas and sure enough as I approached I noticed a parking lot full of vehicles. I pulled in went for supplies for the long weekend. Corn on the cob was my first grab and then some potatoes to bake and some nice tomatoes for burgers. Grabbed a loaf of bread on my way to the meat counter where I found some beautiful steaks [this place has great meats] and a pound of hamburger. Next I grabbed a dozen eggs just in case I decided to make my own skillet or a breakfast of some kind. That should hold me with what else I had around the house.

Got home and fired up the grill so it would get good and hot and went inside to put things away and make up some burgers. Now with a pound of meat that should have made quite a few burgers but with me that's exactly what it made...a few burgers. Two burgers to be exact weighing in at a mere 1/2lb each. Well it was a little under a pound of meat but not by much. I dumped about a half ton of Famous Dave's BarBeQue Sauce on the meat along with a ton of Franks Red Hot Hot Sauce and mixed it all together. Slapped those puppies on the grill and when they were done I put a few slices of cheese on top and there they were. Two of the finest burgers ever. I put one on bread with freshly sliced tomato, mayonaise and fresh ground pepper. With potato salad and a few slices of tomato on the side and a nice cold drink, I was ready to munch for lunch. Man was it ever good. I was surprised it didn't have more of a bite to it with all the hot sauce but it was good. Guess I should have used Tabasco which I grew up on. Next time maybe because sometimes you just never know how I'm going to fix my burgers but they are always good. Check this lunch out.
Click on pictures at your own risk because when they enlarge you may feel the sudden urge to go get something to eat. I'm not responsible...or am I?

Alright who snuck this last picture on here? Now you know this is down right cruel and inhumane and just not right! Does look a little like Lemon Meringue Pie...Hey it is!! Anway that was it for lunch.

Tonight there will be fireworks around especially at the Forks but I don't usually go and fight the crowds anymore. For others of you that feel the same or just can't get out and happen to have unfortunately ended up here by some twist of fate or serious mistake, I found a video on YouTube and posted it above so we can all sit in the comfort of our homes and watch fireworks. Get yourselves something to drink, make some popcorn, put that puppy on full screen mode, sing O Canada along with the singer, hoop and holler with the crowd and enjoy the show as if you were really there.