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July 16, 2010

Part Time Job ? Which One ?

Well another week is done and another weekend is upon us. The week was good but nothing really exciting...well almost nothing. Lately at my job I have been cutting my hours. When the work is done and I can no longer be creative enough to look busy I go home. I'm going to try this for awhile and see how it goes. I don't mind working but with the health issues I've had of late this is an opportunity for me to relax and get better. Things will get busier before long and then I will have to be at it all day everyday but for now I can get my job done and leave early or just take off a day here and there and go in later and catch things up again. Of course I don't get paid for this time off but that's alright. Yesterday I went downtown for a meeting with my financial planners and moved some funds around so I could start writing myself paychecks. I figured if I paid myself a couple grand a month along with another pension I'm already getting it would be enough to make up for my loses. I only plan on doing this until things pick up and then I'll stop the checks. I guess you could say I'm sort of semi-retired at this time but still have a full time job. Works for me and with the long weekends during the summer months, what more could a fellow ask for. For now I'm happy with it and it's something I can afford to do.

Now I guess you are wondering about the title of this post right? Well lately I've been working part time at the casino since I have time to spend. No I'm not an employee there or anything serious like that but I have considered it a part time position. My regular job is full time but for now I'm working it more part time than anything. The casino is for entertainment purposes only. The weekend before last I went to the casino for a bit and left with a cool $1000 dollars to the good. One day during the middle of the week while I was off at my other part time job (my full time one) I went back in just for the heck of it. Not a good idea because this time I left $200 down...Bummer. I managed to stay out of there until this past Tuesday and I came out then $400 ahead so things weren't too bad. I was still on the plus side by $1200. Well today I finished up everything at work and came home at lunch. Well I didn't actually make it home because once again I decided to go to the casino and work for awhile. Things were looking a little bleak for a bit and then things started happening. Little by little I was climbing the ladder back to the winning side and then all of a sudden I hit a big one. I played for maybe 30 minutes more because I had some money on the machine before I hit the big one but things were just bouncing around and not getting me anywhere so I quit and cashed in and then came home. Oh I cashed in and came out $1040 to the good. Now I'm trying to figure which and what is supplementing what and which job is really part time. Is my regular job supplementing my casino job or vice versa and is the money I'm paying myself actually necessary or just a bonus and why do all of a sudden I feel as if I've gotten one heck of a raise. Right now I'm working less and making more than before. Works for me. One would think I had a horseshoe up my butt and if I do then so be it, I'll just leave it there for now.

Only thing left is to figure out what to do this weekend. No I'm not going back to the casino (famous last words) because I've worked enough this week. If it doesn't rain as they are predicting then I'll cut the grass and do some local shopping. I'm looking for a stronger edge trimmer and hopefully can find one that is still battery powered. If not I'll go with a gas powered one. I'm not into dragging a cord around with me while trimming. I want to clean the grills on my charcol barbeque and paint them up so I can start using it again instead of the gas one. See it's going to be good having extra time so I can finally get some things done around here.

I doing good at this time and it's great now that I don't have to push myself everyday.
Life is good and I'm taking advantage of it.
Hope all of you have a great weekend and do lots of fun stuff together with your families if you have one and if not then have fun anyway. I'm going to.

Hey maybe I should try chasing girls and sniffing...Oh never mind...not a good idea.
Who wants to sniff smelly ol fire hydrants anyway?


JennyD said...

Well, you always did fit like an old shoe -- horseshoe or otherwise, lol.
Glad to hear of the winning streak, but Curtis, not to be a wet rag, but please remember it's a streak, not a given. If you go totally broke, omg, I'd have to give up 1 of my 2 tiny closets just to make a place for you to live!
So think twice and remember you have a "sis" to think of, lol.

Hey, have a good weekend :D

JennyD said...

Forgot to tell you, that's another really good header photo you have. It looks so cool and inviting that I wish I could get in and float off for hours. Don't even ask what the temps are here. Worse than ever and no relief in sight at all.
Also, the music player is good tonight, Curtis. I like this. V-E-R-Y relaxing.
Later, my brother :) Very tired after LONG appts today.

Toodie said...

Put ah cork in it Curtis to keep that horseshoe from fallin out. Hope somofyer luck rubs off on me. I could use some right bout now. Glad you can take it a bit easier and not push. BBQ sounds good for the weekend.

Sue Mac said...

Hope you have good weekend Curtis
Take care

Sally said...

So glad you're feeling better, Curtis. And, your luck is holding so good that I'd like you to buy a lottery ticket for ME, and I'll split it with you. hehe

Don't work too hard this weekend!! :)

Kathy said...

Beautiful header photo, and the music is lovely as well.

I think you're going to have to share your secret to winning at the casino with us, we could use some of that right now too :-)

Hugs to you Curtis.

G in Berlin said...

Hey Curtis- thanks for stopping by:).
I tried to dollow you back through your sign-in, but your blogger prfile is not hooked up correctly: I think you need to change your blog address in your profile. Luckily, I already have you in my reader, so it wasn't hard to follow you back home!
I'm back in the States for a few weeks starting next week and I'm already getting ready for those vital visits: Target, Costco, malls, Mexican restaurants, steak places, maybe a Fuddrucker's, if I can find one, grilling in the backyard (before we take the grill to our storage unit), s'mores... Can't wait!

Cindy said...

I'll be the last to offer advice or tell you what to do...BUT...the casino sounds scary to me. I know I could get hooked on the games and even more so if I got on a winning streak like you seem to be. Have fun, but please don't go overboard, Okay? have yourself a great weekend and don't work too hard. You sure don't want to get all that stuff done and then not have anything left for next weekend. Oh yeah, I'm really good at procrastinating.

Cowboy Joe said...

Well, it's good to enjoy a game or two once in a while and you've already been ragged on by a couple of other readers, so this cowboy's just gonna leave it alone.

Glad to hear that you can be semi retired while you get this health stuff under control. Take care of you first, work later.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like life is treating you pretty well, Curtis; enjoy!!!

Thank you for the smiles along the way, sir--this is a good place you have here; I've enjoyed my visit and will be back as one of your regulars!

Keep a jar of sun tea on the front porch, willya???

And just a word of friendly advice...stay away from those nasty fire hydrants; you don't know who was using them last.

: )