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Hold On I Know I Wrote This Down Somewhere, Canada
Just a quiet country boy who believes in remaining calm at all times even though there are times when a little excitement is necessary. I also believe in living each day to it's fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it makes one less you have coming. I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my late wife Ellen. She will always have a place in my heart. I like cooking, dining out, traveling, shopping, gambling, blogging, bling and I love my truck cause she's pretty and fast. Oh and let's not forget food.

June 30, 2010

Hey I Was A Bit Busy

Well another exciting day at the office has passed and you might find this hard to  believe. I was a bit busy today. Yep I actually had to strain my brain for awhile. Most of the time I really prefer being busy because the day goes by so much faster. I had lots of orders to process and spent a lot of money on purchases. I like it when you can buy a bunch of stuff and someone else gets the bill. If I could only figure how to make that work when I go cross-border shopping then I'd have it made.

Nothing exciting happened that I was aware of but most of the time I'm not aware of much of anything anyhow. Couldn't ask for better weather at this time but it looks like it's going to be back to the wet stuff in a couple more days. Haven't we had enough of this already?

Cleaning lady came by a day early because I'm going over to a friends this evening (check the time, it's already Wednesday) for a barbque and bonfire with a bunch of other friends. She wasn't going to be here at all but she called me and asked if I wanted her to come over a day early. I'm having the carpets done Saturday so I figured she could clean real good then I wouldn't have a lot to do except for moving a few things for the carpet cleaners.

Thursday (tomorrow..isn't this getting confusing) is Canada Day so I'll be off work. Maybe get a few chores done since the weather is going to be nice. Friday I'm going back to work and then a regular weekend. I thought about taking off Friday but since I hadn't planned on going anywhere I changed my mind. Keeps from going out and spending anymore money. I'd have to go to the states to do that because everything up here will be closed.

Ok that's it for excitement central at this time so I guess I'll go lay down for a couple of hours and then get up and get ready for another day.

June 28, 2010


Well here it is Monday and the start of another work week. After a dull uneventful off and on rainy feeling poopy weekend this is what you have to look forward to. Going to work with nothing to discuss with your co-workers because you didn't do diddly. Might as well go sit at your desk and stare at the clock hoping by some miracle it will suddenly be time to go home. Tried that for a bit while sipping on coffee and that only served to make me more tired than I was when I got there. Must have had something to do with all the times I had to get up and go to the bathroom because of all the coffee I was drinking. Figured I might as well get my computer going and setup the programs I would be using. Checked both emails. Nothing on the work one but did have a few from friends on my home one. Answered those and then took a look at my blog but nothing new on there so now it was time to look busy. Picked up a piece of paper off my desk and began my tour of the premises just to see who was at work and maybe chit chat a bit with them. Carrying the piece of paper is an old trick I learned long ago. Walk around with it like you are looking into it and if someone higher up on the food chain than you comes across your path then put on this serious look as if you are really thinking about what it is that you aren't really doing. Works every time! The old look busy routine. Before I knew it, it was getting close to lunch time. Wasn't really hungry but went out for a ride and picked up a little snack. Brought that back to my office and was taking my time eating it when the Branch Manager came into my office and said he needed me to do something for him. Of course I answered "no problem" and away he went. Well I jumped on what he needed like white on rice and put the finished paperwork and purchase order on his desk when he wasn't looking. Next thing I know he was back in my office again asking me what these papers were for and I told him that it was what he had requested. Oh he said...Dam that was quick. Good man. Ok that meant my day was complete and I could just drag my butt around like a sack of potatoes and be good to go. Dam I'm good! Guess that's why I've worked my way up to minimum wage in such a short time.

I had a few projects which required my expertise and they kept me busy (somewhat) the rest of the afternoon and then it was there. Yes I looked at the clock and there was only 15 minutes left before time to go home. Well I didn't want anyone saying I was late going home so I shut down and wandered around for a few minutes and then out the door I went.

So now after what looks to be another dull uneventful no excitement kind of night tomorrow morning I have to face TUESDAY!! That's alright just 2 more days and then it's Canada Day and a day off. I can do this.

Hope ya'll out there had a great Monday and hope the rest of your week is good. Now I need to go into the kitchen and see if I can find a stale cracker or something to eat cause I'm hungry after such a strenuous day. Wonder how much food the cats have left...maybe I can sneak a bowl of that without them noticing. Last time I tried that one of them got a little mad at me and now watches me when I'm around the food dish.

June 27, 2010

Don't Answer The Phone..

Yeah yeah I know my cell phone is ringing, so what? Sometimes you just choose not to answer. It's my phone and I'll answer it if I feel like it. Ever get like that? I've notice a lot of people can't walk without staring at their cell phones and playing with them and what's with those young people that have to whip it out and start checking it as soon as they walk up on a crowd? Not to offend anyone, but people who walk around with those Star Trek looking things on their ears get me. Doesn't vibrate and ring work on your phone? Are you expecting a call from the Prime Minister or maybe the President of the US? I realize cell phones are a way of life nowadays and I think they are great for women to carry in case of trouble but I think some people get carried away. They are listening to music, playing games, and who knows what else on them. I'd hate to see what the bill is for some of their plans each month. Sure I have one and use it every now and again. I even use simultaneous ring where my home phone and cell ring at the same time no matter which number  you call and when I'm out of town I use call forward in case of trouble at the house it will ring where I am. Other than that it just hangs on my belt most of the time never being used. No I'm not ranting, just rambling.

Last night I was sitting at the computer since I decided to stay home and fell asleep at the controls. All of a sudden I was awaken by this vibrating noise and then music (sultans of swing by dire straits on my cell) and I looked at the time and it was after 10:30. Unusual time so I picked up the phone thinking some friend needed help or something and the name displayed was the cleaning lady. Yeah the one who was originally suppose to go somewhere with me so I decided not to answer and let her leave a message and got up and went to bed and back to sleep. Aren't I just the nicest person ever? Then this morning it rang at 6:30 and the name displayed was a buddy at work. Sometimes we text each other some nonsense but this time he was calling. He had told me before the weekend to expect a message from him. He's a little wild at times so I figured for him to be calling or even up at that time of day, it meant he didn't go out drinking the night before. Well again I was busy and chose not to answer again. See I don't discriminate who I answer and don't answer. Part of that being a nice guy thing. Everyone left messages and no one was in trouble so that was that. I remember a long time ago before everyone and their brother had a cell phone, I was watching a TV show called McGyver. He looked inside a car on one episode and there was a cell phone in it. He stated "a cell phone, must be someone important or someone who wants everyone to think they are". Back then that was true but I just never forgot that. I don't forget too much of anything that's why you have to be careful what you say around me. So there you have it, the old "Don't Answer The Phone Trick" works again. One was to early in the morning to be important and the other was too late and if they wanted to know how things went, then they should have been there as originally planned. He's not a nice guy, he's a little snot. Of course I'm talking about myself. The more I do that, the less other people do.

Anyway yesterday evening I was talking to a friend in Richmond, Virginia and this terrible storm came through. It all of a sudden starting raining like there was no tomorrow. I looked out the window and could hardly see and when I looked at the security monitor rain was pouring over the sides of the gutters. Oh great they are stopped up with something. This morning I got up and went and had my skillet breakfast and when I got home I brought out the big step ladder. I got up and looked in the gutters and they were as clean as a whistle and the downspots were clear. It had just rained so hard and so fast that there was too much water for the downspot to handle. It was really really raining. So far today it's been bright sunshine and then clouds - bright sunshine and then clouds. Right now it's halfway between sunshine and clouds. That's alright because the roads were dry except for a few puddles so I made it out and back without getting the truck dirty. Sometimes I wonder which is cleaner, me or the truck. lol

I did fix something to eat last night. I fixed gravy and biscuits but I left out the cinnamon rolls. Just coffee and the gravy and biscuits. Easy on the stomach and filling. Guess that's why I fell asleep at the controls here on the computer. This sort of thing happens when you are well fed and satisfied.

This will be a short work week because Thursday is Canada Day. Sucks that it's in the middle of the week which means I will have to go back to work Friday unless I use a days vacation. Canada Day is our equivalent to the America's 4th of July. There will be fireworks and flags flying up here also and things will be decorated for the event. Wednesday one of my friends has invited a bunch of people over for a bon fire and whatever to celebrate so that's where I'll be.

 Normally I don't go out for tatoos but I did find one that I thought fitting for Canada Day so I'm going to post it.

Well she looks a nice patriotic girl to me, or at least what I can see of her. Also she does have her flag mounted nicely. I guess that's a flag...can't tell my vision is getting fuzzy.
Ok so maybe I'm getting a little outta hand here so I'm going to close this post off until I can think of something to write about. It's just going to be one of those nice slow days with a few loads of laundry, fixing something to eat later, watching some TV and playing around on the computer.

June 26, 2010

At Least Call...

Well the day started out looking absolutely beautiful but the last few hours haven't been all that pretty. It's 3:30 and there isn't any sun to be found. Since right after noon the skies have turned increasingly darker and now it's down right gloomy out there. My guess is we are probably going to get some rain. The weather widget on my blog page says to look forward to it so I'm going to have to go  along with it this time.
I never made the WalMart invasion this morning. After going to bed last night that was it for me. I was feeling kinda yucky and tired so I don't remember anything until I got up at 6:30. Yeah imagine that 6:30...boy did I ever sleep in! I did however get up take my meds, shower and zip over for my skillet breakfast. It was looking so nice outside that I went to the carwash after that and had the truck cleaned {not that it was all that dirty} so it would be ready for later when I was to pick up the cleaning lady and go over to a friends for a feast. Speaking about that last part, we had discussed this yesterday so I called her around 2 today to let her know what time I would be by to pick her up only to find she was going over to her mother's tonight. Not the first time this has happened but that's the way it goes. I had started taking her around to places so she could enjoy herself because she said she never gets to do much like I do and doesn't have a lot of friends so I thought it would be a good thing. I wasn't really into going tonight since I am feeling like dog do since chemo yesterday but sometimes when I do something to make someone else feel good I tend to forget how lousey I feel so I was going to go anyway. I've decided to just stay home now rather than trudge over to the other side of town by myself. I know neither of us are committed to each other but sometimes it would be nice to just get a courtesy call when you don't plan on doing what you said you were. I would have been a bit steamed if I had just gone over there to find out no one was home. Anyway so much for that. Sometimes I still think that maybe I shouldn't be out with anyone yet but then sometimes I feel like it would be nice. One of those life things you have to deal with I guess. August 23rd will make 3 years since I've been by myself so maybe it's time I got a grip on myself and decided what to do but only I can make that call. I like it when a group of us go somewhere but those times when I go alone, it seems good when I leave but then sometimes it doesn't after I get there. Maybe I should start staying home a little more and then I wouldn't have this problem. Oh well what the heck anyway?
So it's stay at home night and do nothing. Maybe there will be something on the tube worth watching but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one. I might go open a can of soup and try that for supper. A little something in the tummy is better than nothing at all.
I did come home after getting the truck cleaned and mowed the front lawn. It was plenty warm out there and I was feeling it so I didn't do the back. Made some adjustments on the security lights out back because I didn't like the way I had them. I also adjusted the security camera out back to a different angle so I could see more of the back of the house yet still see the driveway and the street out front. As soon as I'm able I'm going to put up a few more. I have one in the house also but I need to do more with the system like putting the cameras on motion detection instead of 24/7 live feed. I still have a couple more computers around here, one of which I am going to incorporate into the system. See I have lots to keep me busy, the only thing is getting it done because there are still some things I just can't do with my condition at this time but slowly but surely I'll git r dun somehow. I haven't had any trouble around here but it never hurts to be prepared. Learned that being prepared motto when I was a Girl Scout...or was that Boy Scout? Truth of the matter is I was never in the scouts. What the heck for? They were only learning the stuff I was  living everyday on the farm. There was a Girl Scout Camp down toward the end of our road though. Guess that's why they called it Scout Camp Road. I don't even remember ever seeing a Boy Scout or hearing of one around where I lived. Most of the girls that came to the camp where from out of town like Washington, D.C. They only came down in the summer for a few weeks and then the excitement was over for them. One of my friends on the farm across the road from us and I would sometimes go to the camp when the girls weren't down and fish in the pond there. The people that ran it knew us and let us come down when we wanted. Most of the time they didn't even know we were there because we would hike through the woods to get there. Walk down the road? You gotta be kidding! There were thousands of acres of woodland around that area and I knew just about every inch of it. I would let my grandparents know that I was going off into the woods and they never seem to worry about it {at least they didn't let on} and I would be gone for hours, sometimes half the day or better if there weren't any chores to do. I had to take care of the animals but that was in the mornings and evening and I made sure I was there to do that.
My Tabby Cat has been lying under the covers for several hours and now he's out and being a yeowly cat. He will crawl up under the cover of the bed and sleep there for hours. Now all he wants to do is make noise and get lots of attention. The other 2 cats look annoyed with him. Guess they are trying to get some rest and he's being a pain. Just a few minutes ago he was climbing over the suitcases I have up here in the closet looking for something. I told him to crawl back in there and find a hiding place and stay there but he didn't. I use to love doing that when I was a kid. I would find some place to hide all the time. Didn't make any difference whether it was in the house, the woods or a barn, I would find a place. I know some of you remember me telling of the shocks of corn {sometimes called fodder shocks} that my cousin put up in his fields and how I would play in them and do lots of pretending. Fodder was what farmers feed cattle so they would shock the corn up and shuck it later while we shucked ours in the field and put it in the corn crib. We didn't have cows like they did but we had hogs and chickens which ate the corn but not the fodder.

I'll be the first to admit the fodder shocks were way more fun. Usually people use them for decorations at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Geez Mr Noisey cat must have found himself a place to hide like I told him because it sure has gotten quiet around here.
I did however play with my blog page some more today and I think I have it pretty much where I want it. I don't want too much clutter on it but it's nice to have a few things. For now I have discontinued the music player and put up a video feed to watch. Jesse Cook is on there right now and I just love his music. He and his band are really entertaining to in person. They came to Winnipeg once and Ellen and I went to see them. What a great concert that was. He can sure play a guitar and make it look so easy. There is just so much energy with his group. I've watched over the years for him to come somewhere close to here so I could go see him again but nothing so far. Heck I would even go to Minneapolis or Fargo to see him. Sooner or later he will be around I hope.
Well things aren't looking any better outside so I guess at this point there won't be anymore sunshine today. Maybe I'll go into the kitchen and root through the pantries and have a look see as to what I have in there and see if I can't come up with a bite to eat. Not that I feel a whole lot like doing it but some biscuits and gravy sure sounds good. If I can force myself into getting started then it will be a done deal. Might as well do some cinnamon rolls while the oven is hot but that's only if I'm up to the biscuit thing. A pan of Jiffy Blueberry Cornmeal muffins would be even easier to fix. Ok let me stop talking about it and git goin' with it. Besides I think I've probably rambled on enough for one session.

June 25, 2010

Last of the Treatments...

Guess I won't be watching this show anymore for awhile. One of the highlights of my day while I was off work was watching The Price is Right and maybe 3 other shows worth watching during daytime television. Sounds exciting eh? Well what else was I to do? Since I've been home from the hospital and back to work, I've been on chemo treatments. It has something to do with my immune system not working properly. One thing I can vouch for is the rumor that you suffer hair lose with these treatments. I inherited thin hair from my mother and have had a small bald spot since my middle to late 30's but nothing to worry about much or at least I never let it worry me any. I still have hair but I have lost a bit during these treatments. Today was the last of 6 treatments which I took once a month. I'm sure glad that's over. You sit in a chair for 4 to 5 hours with an IV stuck in your arm while they pump this poison into you. The only highlight to the whole thing was at 10am The Price is Right came on and I would watch that. The rest of the time I either dozed off or just sat there bored as snot. From what my regular Doctor has told me I will be getting off the steriods after my next visit with the specialist. Don't remember what it was I will be taking but hopefully it will keep this thing from flaring up again. I've may a lot of progress but things still are not the way they should be. Just something I'm learning to live with and make the most of. Life's good even on the days it really sucks. I still wake up every morning, go to work, go places, take trips, and I'm able to drive myself and get around. That works for me.
I didn't get home until almost 3 today and it was hot outside so I ducked inside where it was nice and cool and stayed there. I thought about mowing the lawn but just being out there for a short time I didn't feel really good. The treatment must have been taking it's toll and besides I'm suppose to limit my exposure to the sun and it was cookin'. Ok so maybe I'll give it a shot in the morning while it's still cool as long as I'm up to it. Usually the day after I'm not my usual self and sometimes feel like doggy do do. Tomorrow will tell and who knows it might even be raining AGAIN.
I'm going to have to check out the mosquito situation outside tonight before I decide to go out and light a fire and watch a movie. If it's still hot out there I'm going to stay in the ac and watch it here. I may be a whimp but it's so nice and cool in here and besides why should I let the cats have it all to themselves.
I'm considering a raid on the local WalMart around 3am and pick up a few things and then maybe at 8am I'll book on over to the Seine River Cafe and have a skillet breakfast. That should hold me until I get to my friends house in the evening for a feast over there. I talked to Heather the lady of the house earlier today and she was boiling potatoes for homemade potato salad and was preparing a rhubarb pie. Sounds like another nummy dinner as always over there. I think I'll be taking the cleaning lady with me. The house over there should be nice and clean because she was there Thursday cleaning for my friends. They took her in as their new cleaning service after I told them how good she did over here.
Ellen use to have this carpet cleaning service come in every year and do the carpets here but I haven't done anything in 2 years with them. The lady from there has been keeping in touch with me about having them done but I've been holding off this year until some of the rain let up. No use cleaning when everything outside is muddy and wet. Today she called again as I had asked her to and we set a date to have it done. They do such a nice job and the same man has been coming here for years doing them. Living room, dining room and hallway for $99 and it's done right. The carpets look so much better afterwards. It helps if you keep them vacuumed at least once a week and I have one of those Dyson vacuums that will suck a bowling ball through a garden hose so there isn't much dirt in the fabric. That is one awesome vacuum cleaner. Lightweight, compact, easy to use and no bags.
So no excitement for tonight unless I get to pop corn and watch a movie outside (I'll pop it even if I'm forced to stay inside) and tomorrow is a we'll see day. Sunday is too far ahead to figure out right now but I still have a day to work on that one.
Ok it's getting late so I'm off to check the weather and the skeeters.

June 24, 2010

It's Getting Warm Out There

Yes it's getting a bit warm outside now so I guess summer is just about upon us. Fortunately I work in an air conditioned office, have air conditioning in my truck and central air conditioning at home. Yeah I might be a woose but I can handle the heat if I have to. I did it enough years and now I don't have to. Back in the days when I was growing up on the farm, we didn't have ac. I don't think many people did that I remember. The only ac I saw were those things they called fans. It was tough at night after you had been working outside all day and especially tough if you had a bit of sunburn which throws off heat. I remember it well working all day and then coming in a getting cleaned up for supper and shortly after that it was time for bed. You would open the windows and turn on the fan and aim it so it was blowing right on you. Lying in bed with nothing but your BVD's on with no covers and you didn't move either. Eventually you would cool down some but there were lots of nights when even the night air was warm and it was hard to sleep. If it hadn't been for the fact you had worked your buns off that day and were tired then you might not have slept much. I had my own bedroom and new furniture was bought for me when I first moved onto the farm so I slept there all the time. There were nights when you would eventually slip under the sheets because the night air had gotten cool and the fan was doing it's job. Later in life when I was around 10 or 11 we had acquired a few extra beds from somewhere and put those in the basement. The basement wasn't finished and it was so much cooler down there so during the summer months I moved in. Not having ac you never knew what it was like to have it so the heat was just a natural thing and part of life. Even the schools I went to all the way to the 12th grade never had ac. I've heard over the years of schools closing because the ac had broken down...geez what's up with that. I was never that lucky. I learned ways to keep cool by watching the animals. Many were the times you would see me stretched out on the back porch (it was concrete) just like one of the dogs soaking up the coolness. A good shade tree with a nice little breeze was good and lots of times I would be exploring the woods and there were lots of little streams and creeks around there so I would be in one of them. At night when we would sit and watch some of our favorite TV shows the fans would be going and it wasn't too bad.

Over the years I either worked outside all year or in a shop. At least the shops had some kind of heat in the winter but outside you just had to get tough. I was young and pretty strong so I got through it all and after leaving home, I had ac at the places I lived. At first my cars and trucks didn't have ac either but at least you had a breeze while going down the highway. I was told once by a guy that once you got a vehicle with ac then you would never go back. Well I haven't looked back for a lot of years and hopefully never will. If it ain't got ac then I don't own it.

 The same seems to go with your house. I can't remember ever having one without whether I rented or owned it. Spoiled is all I can say. I'm still puzzled and probably always will be why we as humans always go in opposite directions in the summer and winter. It gets hot outside so we look for a nice cold place to hide in and then in the winter when it gets nice and cold we look for a nice hot place to hide. I'll never figure that one out nor do I ever expect to have anyone give me an answer.
Well we need the heat and the sun so things will grow and all the little critters can raise their families and it's nice to have the warm weather so you can do things that just aren't going to be done when it's snowing and cold.
You know I don't really know where I was going with this post but I'm having so much fun blogging without problems of all sorts. It's nice also to see my friends again and have them comment now that they can without getting some stupid message saying they can't or the host telling them we are unable to post your comment now so try later. I have always liked to write and if I think of something to write about then I'm going to do so.
Anyway I have a 3 day weekend coming up because tomorrow I go for Chemo and this is suppose to be the last one. Yaayyyy. That will shoot the heck out of half a day but that will be alright. Supposedly on my next visit to the Dr. he is going to take me completely off the steriods and give me some new meds. Hopefully they will work and keep this thing from flaring up again. I've learned to live with it and as long as it stays quiet then that's fine with me.
Maybe if the skeeters aren't too bad tomorrow night I'll sit out by the chimenea fire and watch a movie on the laptop. I got a call today from a couple I know and they invited me over Saturday night for something on the grill. Always something good to eat over there. There's always something good to eat at any of my friends places and that includes mine. I guess they will throw a couple of pieces of an old cow on there and then we can gnaw on that most of the night. There is going to be another couple there and I might just go alone and not ask anyone to come along. The only person I know to ask is the cleaning lady anyhow.
If the weather holds out I will need to get some yardwork done. Garden work and the grass is getting a bit scarey looking. There might even be some critters living in it. It's just been too wet to do much with the garden so that might not turn out to be what it was going to be but I'll have a little something out there. I still haven't had the chance to get the patio completely setup so maybe I can do that. It would be nice to have it done before the first snow!
Well I guess I've rambled on long enough here so I'm going to end this mess and maybe play with the looks of my page some more.
I like how quickly Blogger publishes these posts also...instantly. With WLS it took several minutes most of the time and if you had pictures then forget it and come back later. Ok I'm done now for sure.

June 23, 2010

Doo-Wop At The Sock Hop

Well I figured how to get my Jukebox going here on my blog and that brought back a few memories. Actually it's a Playlist to most but the one that I decided to embed had some oldies but goodies on it and that made me think of the Jukebox and that brought to mind the Sock Hops. Dances were quite different way back when I was just a youngster going to school in a small town USA. The school I went to was from the 1st grade to the 8th. As you entered the school, the principal's office was on the left and directly in front of you was the cafeteria / gymnasium /autotorium / whatever it was needed for. There was a stage there also. Off to the right were a couple of classrooms. The first was the 3rd grade with Mrs. Roberts and next was 2nd grade with Mrs. Wilkerson. Mrs. Wilkerson's son Charlie and I went to school together  from the 1st grade until the 12th and Mrs. Roberts husband was the school bus driver. I only rode the bus a few times because my cousin would drive her kids to school and they picked me up on the way. Their farm was next to ours and in fact my grandparents had bought their farm off my cousin. He was the son of one of my grandmother's brothers who had a farm a few miles away along with another of her brothers who also had a farm a few miles away. I guess my family owned close to 700 acres all very close to each other. Anway not to get off track let's get back to the school. Then the 1st grade class with Miss Ryan which was next to the stage just off from the cafeteria. As you progressed down the hallway you came to the 4th grade with Mrs. Dyson and then Mrs. Barbara. Every morning I would here this music but never knew what it was until I got to the 5th grade with Mrs. Barbara and then I discovered the source. She would have a music session everyday where she played an old upright piano and everyone would sing. The one part of the music I heard came from these black plastic flutes everyone had and learned to play. I still have mine to this day. She is the one that went to my grandparents and told them I seemed to be musically inclinded and that they might want to consider having me start playing an instrument and join the band. My cousin next door had 2 daughters they thought might play music so they had purchased a clarinet for one and a saxophone for the other. Neither of them took to the music scene so the instruments were just stored away. I ended up with the saxophone and played it all through school and beyond. Still play today. At the end of the hall was Mrs. Dyson. Not the same as the 4th grade but an older lady who taught 6th grade. The school only had 2 hallways, one on each side of the cafeteria. Down the other hall which I could never wait to get to was the 7th grade with Mrs. Dalrymple, the 8th grade which was split up between Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Carpenter. Of course you had the library and the kitchen next to the cafeteria on the left. Small place but to us back then it was big. Have I lost any of you yet with my ramblings?
As I was about to get to we had dances there once in awhile but there was no band, no DJ, only a jukebox with 45rpm records in it. It was so cool playing those songs of the fifties and dancing in the 1big room in the school. There would be soda pop and ice cream for everyone. Today that just wouldn't be cool but to us it was the greatest.
Mr. Carpenter taught shop and ran the FFA Future Farmers of America along with some teaching in the 8th grade. Mr. Braithwaite the band teacher taught me from the 5th grade on until I was out of high school. Back then our school was small and there weren't that many students from each community playing instruments. Mr. B taught at 4 different schools on different days throughout the county and when we had a parade the band members from all the schools got together and marched and played. It was called the United Hughesville School Band. Pretty neat eh? Those were good times back then and I consider myself fortunate to have experience such a lifestyle. No drugs, no murders that I remember but there may have been one or two somewhere along the line. It was a quiet time and a peaceful one. The place now is so congested and so different that there isn't much resemblance of the way it was but that's the way with a lot of places like that. I believe they call it progress but I can't see where it has improved anything. Life there will never be the same simple existence it once was. Heck back then everyone knew everyone and now I doubt if some people even know who lives down the street from them. I see that here and to me that's a shame after coming from where I did.
Man that seems like another lifetime to me. I've often thought about those times and how from the time I started school until I graduated it really did seem like another lifetime. Heck after getting out of school and going to work I probably missed 15 years somewhere along the line and it didn't seem to take any time to past by either. I can remember so many details of that quiet life and after that I can't remember half of what happened.
Wow have I been rambling on or what?? Guess I had better get my butt to bed so I can get up for work in the morning. I'll continue on with some more of this on my next post so until then goodnight all and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.


Yep my mind is made up, it's Pizza Hut night at my house. I've had these Tuscani Pastas and Salads from them before and I'll have to admit they pretty doggone good. The lasagne is made with 3 cheeses and it's mighty tastey.
Ater working so hard all day, the last thing I feel like doing is going home and slaving over a hot stove to fix something to eat especially when I need to fix for 2. I know it's my fault for feeding the cleaning lady in the first place but it's a done deal now and it's nice to have someone to eat with once a week besides the cats. Most of the time they don't want what you are having anyway. They just like to sit and beg that is unless you are having chicken. Yes when I say chicken they come running and the the begging really begins and so does the pigging. Yeah I know that's my fault also. Actually Monkey cat the one I brought with me when I came up here has taught the others the art of begging. What a mooch.
A nice Greek Salad with lasagne should hit the spot along with some nice cold beverage like maybe some wine!
Ok order has been put in and will be at the house at 6pm steaming hot and ready to eat. Oh and the cleaning lady will be getting some chocolates and a little gift I picked up for her in Grand Forks. I need someone to spoil me this way.


Well here goes another day at the office. I'm sitting here in my nice comfy leather chair, the AC is kickin' and I see lots to do. Geez what's a fellow gotta do to get a break? Anyway that's the way life is. You either work or you don't eat and that ain't gonna work with me. I was up some last night fooling around with Blogger to see if I could get my page to look like something someone half intelligent would be writing at. Maybe someday. Anyway I can see the orders piling up and before long I'll have to stand up to see over them. Oh heck they can wait because I have something more important to do...Blog!
Yesterday after work I called the weather persons bluff and had the truck washed. They said there would be thunderstorms around 6pm and all through the night. I was hoping they were wrong about the all through the night so the roads wouldn't be wet in the morning and mess the truck up. I rushed home after the carwash and hid the truck in the garage. At right around 6 I heard thunder boomers and the skies got dark. It rained for about 15 minutes and that was the end of that. Must have gone around me. Came to work today in a nice clean truck and it's really nice outside.
Heard on the radio this morning that school would be out the end of this week I believe. How well I remember those times. You would get all excited because you would be looking forward to a few months of nothing. Well almost nothing because when you lived on a farm there was usually something to keep you busy. It wasn't that bad because you had lots of time to goof off. It wasn't like now where I have to sit here and slave all day at work.
Summer was a good time and it meant that I would soon be going to West Virginia to stay with one of my relatives for a few weeks or so helping them out and enjoying the mountains. Afterwards it would be time to catch up with things at the farm like digging the potatoes and canning and freezing vegetables from the garden. I actually liked my job of carrying all those jars of stuff to the basement and putting them on the shelves. There were rows and rows of canned stuff to eat there. No one around there was going to go hungry that's for sure. I'll have to think on this summer theme for a bit and post some more about what went on. I'll look back in my archives and some of those stories may bring back some other memories of that time.
Guess I'll get to work since I am getting paid to just that and see if I can't get this mess cleaned up before time to go home. Have to come up with something for dinner tonight since it's cleaning lady night.

June 22, 2010


Now that I'm more in the mood to blog I got to thinking about something that would make a good story and may be of some interest. As I pondered over what to write some of my earlier blogs like back when I started blogging would be a nice breath of fresh air. You know not only am I cute and cuddley now but back in my younger days I was a heart throb. I was so cute it's a wonder I ever grew up liking myself. Sounds a little thick I know but the truth is the truth. I dug back into my archives and came up with this blog entry and a picture of myself when I was only around 4 as near as I can remember. Whew was that ever a long time ago. It's enough to make one feel old. Anyway this is my story about me at an earlier time and the only name I could come with for myself was "Hollywood".

Sometimes I think back to the old movies of the day when I was just a little squirt coming along. I see kids who were stars back then and I remember how wholesome and cute they were. It's then that it hits me...Hollywood Missed It's Chance. That's right they missed their chance for a star that surely would have filled the box offices to their fullest. A young lad who was nothing short of suave and debonair and for sure a heart throb. A star to out shine any star of that time...sigh. I guess they just hadn't heard of me. Instead I was destined as a child to live a life of freedom from the hustle and bustle of the big city and all it's bright lights. I was to live a life of a farm boy running freely with the wind through the woods with my faithful dog Socrates at my side. Learning life's valuable lessons on how to survive, how to make things grow, and yes I even talked to the animals on the farm. Weren't many people around those parts then so I had to make do with what I had. I did alright, I think the animals understood me and I them. We got along good so what more is there. I lived a life full of love from my grandparents and grew from a cute and lovable little tike into a big cute and huggable ol Teddy Bear. You know I still think that I could have made an impression under the bright lights. It could have been move over Shirley Temple and Alfalfa. For all I know I could have grown up sitting in the White House just as Ronald Reagan did. But you know I wouldn't have traded my life as a young lad for anything in the world. What most now would consider dull was exciting to me. What most now wish they could learn I knew. Yes if I could start all over, I would start back on the farm and just be the unknown Hollywood.

June 20


Well I didn’t get into any trouble after my last post so I decided to not write anything until the weekend was over. The rain I drove through on the trip to Grand Forks continued for most of the evening Friday. Saturday morning it was a bit chilly and trying to drizzle off and on. I made my way over to IHOP and had a really good breakfast and then headed to the Farmer’s Market. I was a bit early but my friends were there setting up for the day. We visited for a bit and then I told them I would be back after things got going. I jumped into the truck and made my way over to one of my favorite stores The Home of Economy. Judging from the style of the place, it’s been around since Grand Forks. There isn’t much you can’t find in there. They have everything from furniture to tractor tires and from clothing to just whatever you want. Since I was playing El Stupido when I left home without any of my jackets, I went back into the Carhartt section and found a nice ball cap and a fleece type shirt to wear during cool times like it was now. Just what I needed was another jacket or coat anything but as I stated, it was a bit chilly out there. Also while I was there I picked up that American flag a guy at work wanted. From there I made my way over to Widman’s candy store. The cleaning lady told me to not go in there and buy any chocolates because the stuff was making her fat. Actually I don’t remember twisting her arm to eat any of the stuff I bring back. Would be hard to twist anyway with it buried up to the elbows in a chocolate bag. I made off with a bunch of loot there and then it was time to visit the market again which was right down the street. I loaded up with Kuchens and then made my way over to another stand where a lady has some really nice pictures and other things she does. This is the place where Scooter the racoon came from. She does these really nice artwork pieces consisting of pheasant feathers in nice patterns. Each piece she does is numbered and signed and she keeps a record of where it is going and to whom it belongs so she will know where all her work she sells is. She told me she has now done over 700 pieces to date. I picked out one and got it for the cleaning lady to put in her home. Yeah I know she is spoiled but she deserves it because my house is nice an clean and I don’t have to raise a hand to keep it that way. All I have to do is not make a mess between visits.

I returned to my room with all my loot and then off to the Dollar store again. I had forgotten to get bottled water for drinking the first trip and while I was there I picked up another cooler like the one I had gotten the day before. A 48 can soft side cooler for only $12. My friends that were down also needed another one for some of their stuff so I thought of them and picked up one. I wouldn’t have needed the one I purchased the day before if I hadn’t been playing El Stupido again when I left the house without one of my coolers. I was about 20 minutes into the trip here when I remembered not bringing one from the house. Oh well what’s another cooler eh? Especially when you already have enough of them to start a cooler store! Then it was off to the Qdoba Mexican Grill for some lunch. They have some of the best burritos ever. You need big hands and strong arms to even attempt eating one of these things. I took that back to my room and pigged out. It was just after 11am then and I had made all my rounds that I was going to make so I decided to just chill for the rest of the day until my friends arrived. It’s good to just sit back and rest once in awhile.

My friends finally made it into town but didn’t come to their room. Instead they had some items to return at a store and some more shopping to do so they sent me a text message and told me where they were. Later after they got to the hotel we all got together and sat and chatted and had a few glasses of wine until it was time to go for our dinner reservations at Sanders. I have nothing but good to report about this establishment. The atmosphere was so relaxing, the staff was wonderful and our waiter was more than helpful and had a really nice warm personality and a good humor about him. The food…FABULOUS…and you weren’t rushed to eat and leave. We were there for almost 2 hours as they would bring one item at a time and gave you time to talk and eat before coming over and asking you if you were done or ready for anything. This is the way is should be in my opinion where you just eat and have a good time and don’t get in a rush. They also have a wine selection to marvel at and we had some excellent Terra D’Oro Santa Barbara Pinot Grigio at $25 a bottle. One of our party was drinking beer and the rest of use were into the wine. Into it enough to polish off 3 bottles with dinner. The owners of the restaurant were originally from Maryland where I was raised so I couldn’t wait to try one of their specialties Maryland Style Crab Cakes. Since I was raised in the area where these things were famous and the best, I consider myself a pretty good judge of how they are. The ones I had at the Blue Moose during an earlier trip were really good but these were just so good it’s impossible to describe the sounds my mind was making each time I put a morsel of this into my mouth. I had French Onion soup and Cucumber Salad prior to my meal and had coleslaw and baked potato with the crab cakes. I didn’t stop there…oh no, I had a dessert afterwards. I had the crème caramel, a rich custard served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Everyone’s dinners were fantastic and very satisfying. The place is a little high end but well worth every cent. Our bill for the 4 of us came to just over $275 and we left a $40 tip. I’ll be back there again, probably on my next trip down. I highly recommend the place if you want a dinning experience to remember for a long time to come.

Afterward we proceeded back to the hotel where we gathered in one room and polished off another 2 bottles of wine while conversing. Whew I was paying for this night when I got up this morning to come home. I left a little later than I normally do but I was fine. That was a bit more alcohol than any of us usually consume but I guess once in awhile doesn’t hurt. Well it hurt the next morning but you know what I mean.

It was another beautiful day and there was no one on the road coming home. They didn’t even make me go inside and pay duty at the border but I had only spent $195 [most of it candy and kuchens] this time which is another all time low record for me so I made it home in good time. I was greeted by my meow meows and we played and then I unloaded my stuff. I was a bit beat and probably still suffering some from the night before so the Tabby cat and I snuggled up together and took us little nap. I woke just in time to watch Hop-Along Cassidy and then get on here and order dinner from Pizza Hut.

Ok my food is here and that’s all the excitement for this weekend. It was a really good one and I hope everyone out here who’s reading this had a wonderful one also.

Hard At It Again

As I sit here slaving at my job I decided to post a short blog. All morning I have had trouble with Windows Live. People leave me comments and then I can't get back to most of them. People I have had on my friends list for years are now gone and when I go to do something Live tells me I'm not their friend. So I go and invite them and watch this donut spin around and around just to have it tell me a minute later that we are unable to honor your request, please try again later. Even as calm as I am this is going to be one of those times when a little excitement is going to be neccessary. Maybe eventually someone will see that I am over here on blogger and come by for a visit. If not there will probably be lots of posts on here for me to read and look back upon.
I'm still working out the bugs on here and figuring out how to put things where I want them and get the look I want. Ain't got much for no education so this could take a bit of time but I'll Get R Dun. Seems to be a lot more user friendly than when I started blogging. My wife was smart and able to figure the html out but now you apparently don't need to know any of that stuff. Works for me. I'm working on getting some photos over here so maybe if my work load lets up today I can figure that out. I'm a busy man ya know and don't have a lot of time to do this at work.
Next time I'm leaving comments on blogs by blogger I'll hint that I'm over here somewhere. Don't ask me how you find me cause I'm still trying to figure that one out. Maybe I can leave a link for someone to follow if they'd like.
Ok now it's time for me to go back to work so guess I'll close for now.
Talk at ya'll later

June 21, 2010

This Ain't My First Time, But My First Time Here

Well check this out! I'm sure a lot of you have probably heard how things are going at MSN Live these days. If you haven't then let me tell you, things are a bit of a mess. Someone decided to take what wasn't broke and fix it. Yep you heard right. I've had this Blogger account since 2006 but have never done anything with it until now. This could be my new home to sit and write and communicate with my blogging friends. A lot of my friends use blogger so I'm going to give it a shot. It's going to probably take me awhile to figure out the look of my page but for now I'll do the basic thing and do my best to post something worth reading. As stated in the title of this post, this ain't my first time because I have been blogging since 2005 if memory serves me.
Ok enough babbling for now but I wanted to get something started here so this is my first feeble attempt.