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June 30, 2010

Hey I Was A Bit Busy

Well another exciting day at the office has passed and you might find this hard to  believe. I was a bit busy today. Yep I actually had to strain my brain for awhile. Most of the time I really prefer being busy because the day goes by so much faster. I had lots of orders to process and spent a lot of money on purchases. I like it when you can buy a bunch of stuff and someone else gets the bill. If I could only figure how to make that work when I go cross-border shopping then I'd have it made.

Nothing exciting happened that I was aware of but most of the time I'm not aware of much of anything anyhow. Couldn't ask for better weather at this time but it looks like it's going to be back to the wet stuff in a couple more days. Haven't we had enough of this already?

Cleaning lady came by a day early because I'm going over to a friends this evening (check the time, it's already Wednesday) for a barbque and bonfire with a bunch of other friends. She wasn't going to be here at all but she called me and asked if I wanted her to come over a day early. I'm having the carpets done Saturday so I figured she could clean real good then I wouldn't have a lot to do except for moving a few things for the carpet cleaners.

Thursday (tomorrow..isn't this getting confusing) is Canada Day so I'll be off work. Maybe get a few chores done since the weather is going to be nice. Friday I'm going back to work and then a regular weekend. I thought about taking off Friday but since I hadn't planned on going anywhere I changed my mind. Keeps from going out and spending anymore money. I'd have to go to the states to do that because everything up here will be closed.

Ok that's it for excitement central at this time so I guess I'll go lay down for a couple of hours and then get up and get ready for another day.


JennyD said...

The day didn't sound half bad, Curtis; busy is good, or at least semi-busy. Shopping? You shop? Wow, I didn't know that! Lol. Ka-Ching!
Blue Rodeo vid this morning was good. Great pigeons. Wonder what happened to the crow? Lead singer isn't too shabby either.
Not saying one word about the cleaning lady.
New gadgets are nice, especially the weather one :)
Have a good day today, Curtis :D

Sally said...

Have a wonderful day,and Happy Canada day tomorrow!! :)

Dori said...

Curtis, do you ever sleep - it was 3 a.m. when you posted this one.

I'm trying to reach Jenny so hope she reads this - Jenny, I can't get on your blog - it says we're not friends - can you imagine that!! So hoping you can remedy this sad situation.

Ok, both of you have a good Wednesday - me, I'm off to lunch with a bunch of friends cause it's NOT too hot in AZ - !!

Toodie said...

Had to stop by Central excitement to see wusup. A bbq sounds really good. Have a happy Canada Day! I am not sure how you guys celebrate this but have ah happy one!

Anonymous said...

Now that my head is spinning from all the excitement, Curtis, I guess I'll move on to your next posting...

Hope your holiday was fun!!!