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June 26, 2010

At Least Call...

Well the day started out looking absolutely beautiful but the last few hours haven't been all that pretty. It's 3:30 and there isn't any sun to be found. Since right after noon the skies have turned increasingly darker and now it's down right gloomy out there. My guess is we are probably going to get some rain. The weather widget on my blog page says to look forward to it so I'm going to have to go  along with it this time.
I never made the WalMart invasion this morning. After going to bed last night that was it for me. I was feeling kinda yucky and tired so I don't remember anything until I got up at 6:30. Yeah imagine that 6:30...boy did I ever sleep in! I did however get up take my meds, shower and zip over for my skillet breakfast. It was looking so nice outside that I went to the carwash after that and had the truck cleaned {not that it was all that dirty} so it would be ready for later when I was to pick up the cleaning lady and go over to a friends for a feast. Speaking about that last part, we had discussed this yesterday so I called her around 2 today to let her know what time I would be by to pick her up only to find she was going over to her mother's tonight. Not the first time this has happened but that's the way it goes. I had started taking her around to places so she could enjoy herself because she said she never gets to do much like I do and doesn't have a lot of friends so I thought it would be a good thing. I wasn't really into going tonight since I am feeling like dog do since chemo yesterday but sometimes when I do something to make someone else feel good I tend to forget how lousey I feel so I was going to go anyway. I've decided to just stay home now rather than trudge over to the other side of town by myself. I know neither of us are committed to each other but sometimes it would be nice to just get a courtesy call when you don't plan on doing what you said you were. I would have been a bit steamed if I had just gone over there to find out no one was home. Anyway so much for that. Sometimes I still think that maybe I shouldn't be out with anyone yet but then sometimes I feel like it would be nice. One of those life things you have to deal with I guess. August 23rd will make 3 years since I've been by myself so maybe it's time I got a grip on myself and decided what to do but only I can make that call. I like it when a group of us go somewhere but those times when I go alone, it seems good when I leave but then sometimes it doesn't after I get there. Maybe I should start staying home a little more and then I wouldn't have this problem. Oh well what the heck anyway?
So it's stay at home night and do nothing. Maybe there will be something on the tube worth watching but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one. I might go open a can of soup and try that for supper. A little something in the tummy is better than nothing at all.
I did come home after getting the truck cleaned and mowed the front lawn. It was plenty warm out there and I was feeling it so I didn't do the back. Made some adjustments on the security lights out back because I didn't like the way I had them. I also adjusted the security camera out back to a different angle so I could see more of the back of the house yet still see the driveway and the street out front. As soon as I'm able I'm going to put up a few more. I have one in the house also but I need to do more with the system like putting the cameras on motion detection instead of 24/7 live feed. I still have a couple more computers around here, one of which I am going to incorporate into the system. See I have lots to keep me busy, the only thing is getting it done because there are still some things I just can't do with my condition at this time but slowly but surely I'll git r dun somehow. I haven't had any trouble around here but it never hurts to be prepared. Learned that being prepared motto when I was a Girl Scout...or was that Boy Scout? Truth of the matter is I was never in the scouts. What the heck for? They were only learning the stuff I was  living everyday on the farm. There was a Girl Scout Camp down toward the end of our road though. Guess that's why they called it Scout Camp Road. I don't even remember ever seeing a Boy Scout or hearing of one around where I lived. Most of the girls that came to the camp where from out of town like Washington, D.C. They only came down in the summer for a few weeks and then the excitement was over for them. One of my friends on the farm across the road from us and I would sometimes go to the camp when the girls weren't down and fish in the pond there. The people that ran it knew us and let us come down when we wanted. Most of the time they didn't even know we were there because we would hike through the woods to get there. Walk down the road? You gotta be kidding! There were thousands of acres of woodland around that area and I knew just about every inch of it. I would let my grandparents know that I was going off into the woods and they never seem to worry about it {at least they didn't let on} and I would be gone for hours, sometimes half the day or better if there weren't any chores to do. I had to take care of the animals but that was in the mornings and evening and I made sure I was there to do that.
My Tabby Cat has been lying under the covers for several hours and now he's out and being a yeowly cat. He will crawl up under the cover of the bed and sleep there for hours. Now all he wants to do is make noise and get lots of attention. The other 2 cats look annoyed with him. Guess they are trying to get some rest and he's being a pain. Just a few minutes ago he was climbing over the suitcases I have up here in the closet looking for something. I told him to crawl back in there and find a hiding place and stay there but he didn't. I use to love doing that when I was a kid. I would find some place to hide all the time. Didn't make any difference whether it was in the house, the woods or a barn, I would find a place. I know some of you remember me telling of the shocks of corn {sometimes called fodder shocks} that my cousin put up in his fields and how I would play in them and do lots of pretending. Fodder was what farmers feed cattle so they would shock the corn up and shuck it later while we shucked ours in the field and put it in the corn crib. We didn't have cows like they did but we had hogs and chickens which ate the corn but not the fodder.

I'll be the first to admit the fodder shocks were way more fun. Usually people use them for decorations at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Geez Mr Noisey cat must have found himself a place to hide like I told him because it sure has gotten quiet around here.
I did however play with my blog page some more today and I think I have it pretty much where I want it. I don't want too much clutter on it but it's nice to have a few things. For now I have discontinued the music player and put up a video feed to watch. Jesse Cook is on there right now and I just love his music. He and his band are really entertaining to in person. They came to Winnipeg once and Ellen and I went to see them. What a great concert that was. He can sure play a guitar and make it look so easy. There is just so much energy with his group. I've watched over the years for him to come somewhere close to here so I could go see him again but nothing so far. Heck I would even go to Minneapolis or Fargo to see him. Sooner or later he will be around I hope.
Well things aren't looking any better outside so I guess at this point there won't be anymore sunshine today. Maybe I'll go into the kitchen and root through the pantries and have a look see as to what I have in there and see if I can't come up with a bite to eat. Not that I feel a whole lot like doing it but some biscuits and gravy sure sounds good. If I can force myself into getting started then it will be a done deal. Might as well do some cinnamon rolls while the oven is hot but that's only if I'm up to the biscuit thing. A pan of Jiffy Blueberry Cornmeal muffins would be even easier to fix. Ok let me stop talking about it and git goin' with it. Besides I think I've probably rambled on enough for one session.


Cindy said...

It sounds like a tough decision for you and you alone. I'll be the last one to hand out advice on relationships. Anyway, I buy those cornmeal jiffy mixes by the 6 pack. I love them made up as muffins, but sometime try the recipe on the package and make it into pancakes. That's what's on our breakfast menu with fresh wild blueberries we just picked this afternoon.

Hope you have a good night Curtis.

Sally said...

I wrote a comment, but blogger ate it! Oh well, I was blabbering anyways. Thunder boomers going on now here, so I'll make it quick. I'm sorry your friend let you down today. Okay, I just saw lightening. bye bye :)

JennyD said...

Geez, everyone else is being so nice and polite about the "no call" deal. Not me, I think it was the pits and the height of rudeness. Personally, if it was myself, I'd make it clear that wasn't the right thing to do. Then I'd give her ONE more chance, but if it ever happened again, BAM, out the door for good. Of course, on the other hand, you could say nothing, make a new date and not show up --- nahhhh, revenge stuff is for the birds and only makes you as bad. Daggone it, Curtis, the longer I sit here, the more po'd I get. You know I was sort of pushin' this relationship but I've changed my mind now. Shouldn't even have to TELL a person about rudeness like that. Heck with her. Not worth your little finger. Ooooo, I'm fuming, sorry.
I'll be around tonight if you get bored and feel like yakking. You know the drill: ring and hang up and I'll see it was you and dial back FREE!! Yayyyyy! LOVE FREE!

(PS, I just finished dinner: filet mignon with a fresh chive/fresh rosemary/fresh cracked pepper butter topping, and fresh spinach with diced hard boiled egg, and homemade potato salad. Yum is all I have to say)

All the above written by your fat sis, lol

Cowboy Joe said...

Hey buddy, didn't know about the chemo stuff, that sucks. Hope you are doing alright though.

As for the relationship stuff, well that's a tough call. I know how you thought she hung the moon. But man is really not a solitary creature. Guess you'll figure out what works for you.

Those muffin mixes sound great. BTW, my best friend and his wife, Fred and Jill are driving out to Winnipeg to visit their daughter, son in law and their grandkids. Then in ten days they are flying back. Should have had them drop by with a hello from the West Coast Cowboy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your cleaning lady was inconsiderate, Curtis; I've been fortunate not to have experienced that particular rudeness from from people in my life. There's no excuse for it.

Having never been through chemo myself, it's hard to imagine the impact the side-effects might have on quality of life issues. As I get further into your blog, my hope is to read that things got much better, that your health improved, and that cleaning lady of yours was a little more considerate.

And I have to wonder if you ever made those blueberry muffins...