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June 27, 2010

Don't Answer The Phone..

Yeah yeah I know my cell phone is ringing, so what? Sometimes you just choose not to answer. It's my phone and I'll answer it if I feel like it. Ever get like that? I've notice a lot of people can't walk without staring at their cell phones and playing with them and what's with those young people that have to whip it out and start checking it as soon as they walk up on a crowd? Not to offend anyone, but people who walk around with those Star Trek looking things on their ears get me. Doesn't vibrate and ring work on your phone? Are you expecting a call from the Prime Minister or maybe the President of the US? I realize cell phones are a way of life nowadays and I think they are great for women to carry in case of trouble but I think some people get carried away. They are listening to music, playing games, and who knows what else on them. I'd hate to see what the bill is for some of their plans each month. Sure I have one and use it every now and again. I even use simultaneous ring where my home phone and cell ring at the same time no matter which number  you call and when I'm out of town I use call forward in case of trouble at the house it will ring where I am. Other than that it just hangs on my belt most of the time never being used. No I'm not ranting, just rambling.

Last night I was sitting at the computer since I decided to stay home and fell asleep at the controls. All of a sudden I was awaken by this vibrating noise and then music (sultans of swing by dire straits on my cell) and I looked at the time and it was after 10:30. Unusual time so I picked up the phone thinking some friend needed help or something and the name displayed was the cleaning lady. Yeah the one who was originally suppose to go somewhere with me so I decided not to answer and let her leave a message and got up and went to bed and back to sleep. Aren't I just the nicest person ever? Then this morning it rang at 6:30 and the name displayed was a buddy at work. Sometimes we text each other some nonsense but this time he was calling. He had told me before the weekend to expect a message from him. He's a little wild at times so I figured for him to be calling or even up at that time of day, it meant he didn't go out drinking the night before. Well again I was busy and chose not to answer again. See I don't discriminate who I answer and don't answer. Part of that being a nice guy thing. Everyone left messages and no one was in trouble so that was that. I remember a long time ago before everyone and their brother had a cell phone, I was watching a TV show called McGyver. He looked inside a car on one episode and there was a cell phone in it. He stated "a cell phone, must be someone important or someone who wants everyone to think they are". Back then that was true but I just never forgot that. I don't forget too much of anything that's why you have to be careful what you say around me. So there you have it, the old "Don't Answer The Phone Trick" works again. One was to early in the morning to be important and the other was too late and if they wanted to know how things went, then they should have been there as originally planned. He's not a nice guy, he's a little snot. Of course I'm talking about myself. The more I do that, the less other people do.

Anyway yesterday evening I was talking to a friend in Richmond, Virginia and this terrible storm came through. It all of a sudden starting raining like there was no tomorrow. I looked out the window and could hardly see and when I looked at the security monitor rain was pouring over the sides of the gutters. Oh great they are stopped up with something. This morning I got up and went and had my skillet breakfast and when I got home I brought out the big step ladder. I got up and looked in the gutters and they were as clean as a whistle and the downspots were clear. It had just rained so hard and so fast that there was too much water for the downspot to handle. It was really really raining. So far today it's been bright sunshine and then clouds - bright sunshine and then clouds. Right now it's halfway between sunshine and clouds. That's alright because the roads were dry except for a few puddles so I made it out and back without getting the truck dirty. Sometimes I wonder which is cleaner, me or the truck. lol

I did fix something to eat last night. I fixed gravy and biscuits but I left out the cinnamon rolls. Just coffee and the gravy and biscuits. Easy on the stomach and filling. Guess that's why I fell asleep at the controls here on the computer. This sort of thing happens when you are well fed and satisfied.

This will be a short work week because Thursday is Canada Day. Sucks that it's in the middle of the week which means I will have to go back to work Friday unless I use a days vacation. Canada Day is our equivalent to the America's 4th of July. There will be fireworks and flags flying up here also and things will be decorated for the event. Wednesday one of my friends has invited a bunch of people over for a bon fire and whatever to celebrate so that's where I'll be.

 Normally I don't go out for tatoos but I did find one that I thought fitting for Canada Day so I'm going to post it.

Well she looks a nice patriotic girl to me, or at least what I can see of her. Also she does have her flag mounted nicely. I guess that's a flag...can't tell my vision is getting fuzzy.
Ok so maybe I'm getting a little outta hand here so I'm going to close this post off until I can think of something to write about. It's just going to be one of those nice slow days with a few loads of laundry, fixing something to eat later, watching some TV and playing around on the computer.


JennyD said...

"afternoon" to you, Curtis :) My phone rang a minute ago and I could have sworn it was you, lol. Just kidding, but it did ring and was my 85 yr old neighbor asking me why she had a paper today. I was wondering why she asked me ;) I love this neighborhood.
Temps are horrible. Another neighbor, Cheryl, brought me a squash from her garden. She said she had all of 3 before the heat killed them all. I'm afraid to even glance at my pepper plant now. Today was the first day I couldn't even stand on the grass in bare feet -- felt like a frying pan on high heat, sheesh.
Anyway, I'm the same as you on cell phones; all those ppl are, talk, talk, text, text, text. Hell, they probably haven't seen each other face to face in yrs. I mean why bother when you can text, right? Hello twilight zone. I have a cell but it's only for emergencies, like you said. I never use a cell just to talk; hardly ever use any phone just to talk; in person is so much better.
SOOOOO, you got the "wonder how the dinner was" call from the cleaning lady ("lady" used loosely here). Took some real nerve for her to call like nothing ever happened. I say send her back to the womb or at least kindergarten to learn some manners. I'm still ticked, lol. Ok little snot (you are NOT), time to take some fresh, cold water and a little treat out to my chipmuncks. They're actually sitting up on the porch to get out of the heat and waiting on their lunch. I'm such a sucker for all the critters :)

JennyD said...

Omg, look at the size of that comment I left. It's downright embarrassing. You watch, next time you post, I'm leaving a 1 or 2 liner and that's it.......I promise.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know where you are now; I wondered where you were.

Nothing more irritating than someone calling at odd hours (unless it's someone I want to speak to - close friend, etc.) Thank goodness for caller ID. I don't have a land phone line any more, it's all cell for me. I didn't use the phone enough to justify the $120 per month and I love my cell phone service and it's a lot less than $120!

Happy Canada Day to you!! *HUGS*

Cindy said...

Hey Curtis, I don't blame you for not picking up the calls. I do it all the time and I don't even have caller ID. Usually it's bad timing or I just don't feel like talking.

Cell phone...I just got one and have made maybe one real phone call. I'm just not a telephone kinda person.

Hope you're having a great week.

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling as I write this; I may be one of the last remaining eartlings without a cell phone. While they're handy and all that, I don't feel deprived without one and there's no one I need to be connected with by phone 24/7.

What you were doing with your cell is the same thing I do with my answering machine...if a caller leaves a message and it's crucially important or it's someone I really REALLY want to speak with at that time, I'll pick up, otherwise I get back to them when it's convenient for me.

Like you I'm a little baffled by folks who have the phone stuck to the side of their heads for as long and often as they do. People driving motor vehicles while on their cell phones are ahazard to themselves and anyone else on the road... Sorry about the rant.

I hope your Canada Day was a wonderful day for you and your fellow folks deserve it!!!