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Just a quiet country boy who believes in remaining calm at all times even though there are times when a little excitement is necessary. I also believe in living each day to it's fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it makes one less you have coming. I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my late wife Ellen. She will always have a place in my heart. I like cooking, dining out, traveling, shopping, gambling, blogging, bling and I love my truck cause she's pretty and fast. Oh and let's not forget food.

July 8, 2010

On The Mend

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The temperature was just right with a nice gentle breeze and the skies were blue as blue could be with lots of fluffy white clouds.

I had an appointment at the Specialists today and that seemed to go well. No more chemo but I am starting on a new drug by the name of Azathioprine which is to replace it. I'm not to sure about it because just reading about it is enough to scare the heck out of you but I'll have to give it a try. I'm sure the Doctor knows what he is doing. He's gotten me this far but it's still scarey. Time will tell. Anyway he did state that I was on the mend so that's good news. I just took the whole day off today so tomorrow it's back to the office and the tremendous work load I deal with on a daily basis.

I didn't do much  of anything after my appointment except go get my meds and go to the casino for a bit. Yep went out gambling again. Wasn't as lucky as last time when I walked with $1100.00, instead I lost $100.00. Got lucky toward the end because I was down $200.00 which is what I had alloted myself and ended up getting enough to keep me where I ended up. I said the heck with it and cashed in and left.

Three of my friends are going to Fargo tomorrow but they are coming back Saturday. Three women on a mission of some sort. I'm sure it has something to do with the wedding coming up next month. I was thinking about going down too just to make sure they didn't get into  any trouble but just to go down on Friday evening and come home Saturday afternoon is insane even for me. I probably wouldn't have seen much of them except at dinner because I would be out somewhere trying to figure what the heck I was doing there in the first place. Maybe for the whole weekend but not for that little bit of time. Guess I'll just hang out here in town and try to get a few things done around the house and see what else I can get into. I feel an early morning Wal Mart trip coming up Saturday at probably 3am which is my usual time. I'm sure there will be at least 1 skillet breakfast but I'm kinda in the mood to do my own breakfasts this weekend so I'll just have to see about that one. The weather people are talking about rain but they have talked about that the last few days and it hasn't amounted to enough to write home about so will have to play that by ear as usual. It's been warm up here but nowhere near what a lot of my blogging friends are getting back out on the east coast of the states. What they are getting is total madness.

Well that's it for the excitement around here until I can get some going so now it's movie time and then off to sleep and one more day of work and then 2 days off.

As some of you can see I have been making a lot of changes on my blogging page. I'll get it where I want it before long. I am truely enjoying blogging again since I got away from that mess on Live Spaces they created. Just writing hassle free and loving it.


JennyD said...

Oooo, lawdy miss calawdy, I am swaying to that BB King Don't Answer The Door. Mmmmm-mmmmm. Mighty fine, Curtis :)

Great news about you being on the mend. Yeah, the new med is a bummer, but I agree and think the doc knows what he's doing and is taking VERY good care of you. Bless that doc.

It's a little after 11pm here and hotter 'n witches ____. Don't you love Southern Speak, lol. But hey, I'm FIRST on your page tonight! I like being the first to say how happy I am you're doing better. We'll have you back to 100%before you know it.

Catch you later my bestest :D

Toodie said...

Good news that you are getting better. The drug seems scary but the doc knows best. Take it easy Curtis. Love yah bunches!

Carol T said...

Glad your weather is holding out... you didn't get the torrential downpour we got on July 1st. I think all the rain dumped on us so there was none left for you.

JennyD said...

I can't believe I got up from almost sleeping just because I thought of something. You know what? I think that "witch's ___" thing is for cold weather and not hot, as in COLDER than_______. Gotta be something seriously wrong with a person to wake up and think of that.

Curtis said...

As I've said before Jenny...we are just too much alike.

Rocket Man said...

Oh yeah; waking up to hear Born Under a Bad Sign! We're supposed to see a cool down and maybe even a rain drop or two today, if you can believe the weather guessers. We shall see.

Good news on the medical front, my friend. My doc at the VA changed a couple of my prescriptions and either didn't tell me or I didn't pay enough attention when I was in his office last week. Anyway, FedEx delivered the new meds yesterday and I've been messed up as a soup sammich since yesterday afternoon. Sorta reminds me of the 60s! Gotta go find me some Jefferson Airplane, Doors and Hendrix to listen to.

Sally said...

So glad you're on the mend! I understand what you're saying on the meds though. I know if I read all the "side effects" of the ones I'm on, I probably would stop taking them. Some are really scarey, for sure.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Take care, and if you like I'll send some HOT weather your way. I can't ever remember it being like this, this early in the year. But, it's all good! :)

Sally said...

Oh, and I really like what you're doing with the blog; you've got it goin' on. :)

Sally said...

Hey Curtis - do you have Jacque's email? I can no longer sign in to her blog on the *&#!@ msn thing!!! I only saw today that she updated TWO WEEKS ago! I don't blame you for getting away from all that mess. :(