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July 9, 2010

Back In The USA Again...

Well hello everyone it's me down here in Fargo, North Dakota. What the heck am I doing here? It's funny you asked. I knew that 3 of my friends were coming down this weekend and I started kidding them that I was going to show up too. Of course they asked me if I was kidding and I said maybe. Today I went into work and tore into the paperwork I had to do like a flea lookin' for a dog to bite and there was a bit since I was off yesterday. A few more orders came across my desk along with some purchasing but I was undaunted by the amount of work that had to be done. I got to thinking about Fargo and before lunch I had everything done that was there and I didn't figure much more would be coming through on a Friday afternoon and if it did then it could wait until Monday morning. I turned off the lights and told everyone I would see them Monday and out the door I went. I hurried home, packed a few things in my suitcase, took care of the cats [extra food and water and poo poo boxes and litter] stuffed a laptop into a case and loaded up the truck and off I went. Stopping to fill up with gas was the only stop I made until getting to the border. There was hardly anyone at the border so that didn't take long and since the speed limit is faster in the states, I mashed the gas and let the ol hemi roar. Set the cruise at 80 mph and set my sights on Fargo. I left home around 1:30, made my gas stop and was in my room by 5:00. It's about a 4 hour trip usually but this time there was construction everywhere and lots of slow zones. Even at that I made it to my room in 3 1/2 hours. Me drive a little fast?? No Way!!

I called my friends to see where they were and they were just leaving Grand Forks which is 75 miles north of here. The one I was talking to asked me what I was doing and I told her I was just going online in my room here in Fargo. Surely you're kidding she said and I replied "could be". They aren't here yet so that means they went shopping before checking in and I could tell by the tone of her voice she did not believe I was here and was only joking. Won't they be surprised when they see my truck in the parking lot! No I never do anything on the spur of the moment...well almost never...well ok lots of times.

I went cruising around and hit the dollar store for the essentials like tooth paste, tooth brush, stuff to wash my butt off with and some bottled water. Next thing I knew I ended up in my favorite clothing store of all times like I always do down here and bought more stuff I didn't need. A mear $315 worth of stuff I really didn't need. Everytime I go into that store I put on my stupid hat but I love the clothes I get there. A little high end and very good quality. Brands like Cutter Buck, Synrgy, Oak Manor, and Harbor Bay. Anyway I just hope I don't go back into there again tomorrow like I always do. I probably won't do much damage tomorrow but I'll have to go to Gordman's and probably Lowes and Kohls.

Sunday morning I'll head back early and probably be home by lunch time. You just know I'll be at iHop in the morning for breakfast. I just got back a bit ago from Famous Dave's Barbque Restaurant, took a shower and now I'm so full I can't even move. I had the Texas Brisket with the spicy green beans, potato salad, corn on the cob and corn bread muffin with iced tea and of course you just don't leave there without having this huge portion of their Bread Pudding. OMG it is so good and I'm so full but I think I said that once. Ok just heard from the rest of the bunch and they are going to Paradiso Mexcan Restaurant. I told them I was done for. Alright let me settle in and see what's on the TV and if that doesn't work then I have lots of movies and TV shows on here. I even have PCTV4ME on here which gives me over 2000 channels from all around the world. I'll have plenty to watch, no problem there. It's great being a High Tech Redneck. You can take a trip around the world no matter where you might be at the time and never leave your chair.

Just like Pure Pairie League said in one their songs on the album New Riders of the Purple Sage...take a trip and never leave the farm.

Ok that's it until probably tomorrow when I get out and stir up some trouble.


Rocket Man said...

Yep, I'm travelin' techno-redneck style myself tonight. Got me shoes off, feet up and dog at my side.

How did you get past the border patrol?

Sally said...

Well, for Pete's sake, Curtis; I just read a while ago you weren't going and now you're already there. hahaha I guess you guys can change your minds like us girls.

Have a great time~I won't tell ya not to spend too much money
'cause you already have!! Same goes for eatin' too much. lol

You crack me up!! :)

Cowboy Joe said...

That's too funny. Yesterday you said you weren't going to go down for just the overnight.
I really gotta get some of those kuchens some time

Curtis said...

I ain't doin' the overnight...I'm stayin' 2 days

Cindy said...

You're going to have to add "Travelin' Man" to your playlist. Sheesh, you really get around. Have fun (like you have trouble doing that) and enjoy good ol' Fargo. And thank you for supporting all those American businesses. :)

JennyD said...

Daggone, fella, you must have tiptoed out the door because I never heard you leave! Besides, I thought you weren't going -- lol, no surprise you went. When have you ever passed up shopping, right?

Hey, the picture header is great! And of course the playlist is always the best. You and I need to open a record store, lol. Records? Vinyl? Do they still have those? Well I do.....and a gazillion cds as you well know.

Ok, have a GREAT time and hit those store big time!
Later :D It's big hug day, so here's yours (((Curtis)))
Now don't get all out of breath, for pete's sake; it was only a hug.
That's what happens after almost 3 yrs, lol

JennyD said...

Oh wowwww. Never heard the Rolling Stones do Little Red Rooster! This is GREATTTTTTTTT.

Toodie said...

Now how in the world did I miss this post? Now I gottah click reset!