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July 6, 2010

Hey Lookie...Flowers!

I was checking the flower bed in front of the house this evening (which needs some work) and decided to take a few shots of the flowers there. As you can see with the problems I've had this year I haven't really done much with the grass except cut it but maybe next year I'll be able to do more with it. At least for now it looks good enough to keep me from being kicked out of the neighborhood.

Ellen planted bulbs and nurtured some lillys that come out looking absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully they will be out by this weekend and I will cut a few and take them to the cemetery. They just about there.

As you can see my Hosta plants have done good this year and I actually gave the cleaning lady about half of the ones you see here and they are still taking over. I have several different kind.

I'm sorry but I have forgotten what these little bell looking ones are poking their heads out from the ferns.

On the other side I have these lillys that have the most awesome of colors. They just look so pretty over there by themselves.

Well that's it until Ellen's come out in full bloom and I get a shot of them. I have some stored on one of the other computers but I'll just wait a few more days for this batch. So as you can see I'm at least keeping the place livable looking and as you look down the driveway you can see the farm trucks home. It's in bed resting until morning when it takes me to work.

Ok I see by the ol clock on the wall that it's time for me to lay down and read the backside of my eyelids and get some sleep. See ya'll tomorrow.


JennyD said...

It's looking really nice, Curtis. You've done well. Now I have an itch for lillies. If the drought ever ends and the temps drop, I'll look into them for next year. I thought today hit 102 but the news said it was 103.

I have a question..probably silly..but you said you were checking the flowers in front of the house. If that's the front, then where's the front door? Don't tell me you go down the chimney, although I wouldn't be surprised being the Santa you are, lol.

Carol T said...

Do any of those lillies match the color of your truck like my roses do?

Sally said...

Beautiful!! I love the colors, and the hosta. And, your grass looks good, a sight better than mine seeing as how the dollar weed took over right before my eyes. :(

Hope you're having a good day! :)

Cindy said...

The flowers are gorgeous and it's so sweet and natural that they will be on Ellen's grave. She'll like that.