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July 6, 2010

It's Been Forever

The other day I realized that I have never really thought about how long a time it's been since I was first born into this world. Oh I've noticed at times when you are filling something out on the internet and they ask for the year you were born just how back I have to scroll to get to that year. I decided to do a photo album project and it was a project let me tell you.

As most of you know I'm a Dodge man and have been most of my life. Anything that is a mopar is good by me. I've had other brands over the years but my first was a 1963 Plymouth station wagon with the old 225 slant six engine. Those things were too tough to kill and I guess that's why they quit making them. Can't make a profit off something that never needs fixing. Need to make something that breaks occassionally. There have been lots of motors in my time they have quit making like the 283 and 327. Anyway as I stated I have strayed a few times but for the last 27 years it has been Dodge all the way with a few odds and ends thrown in but they weren't my main means of transportation. Like lots of people who have owned other brands for years, I have had great service from mine and the ease of mind that my vehicle will be ready to go when I'm ready to go.

There lots of different models that have been added over the years of which some I have had but in this photo album I just picked the basic full sized pickup by Dodge since I was born in 1950 until the present. Well as I was searching out these photos to post that's when I realized just how long I've been alive! Putting together 60 years of photos was a bit of a task. I'm not use to doing this in Blogger but I did manage to get it so there is a slide show for anyone interested. There has been a lot of changes since back then.

Just click on the truck photo above if you wish and off you will go on a 60 year journey of the Dodge Pickup Truck.

You may have noticed on the next to the last one which was the 2009 model I slipped a photo my truck in that spot. Shame on me.


Rocket Man said...

My first was a Ford and most since then have been as well,for the same reason you stuck with Mopar. As for how long I've been around I still have an 18 year old daughter at home who delights in giving me THE LOOK and saying "Daddy, you're so last century!"

JennyD said...

Hi, old man! Thought I'd drop by to see what's cooking. I'm watching Primetime or Dateline or whichever it is on tv, so only here for a minute. Yes, I love that "scrollin' for the year" myself, lol. Remember the phrase, "the olden days"? Now I know why Mom used to roll her eyes ;)
Ok, commercial is over so back to the show. Love the truck pics and they fit you to a T. As for me, give me sports cars. That's almost all I ever had until this Rav IV.

Toodie said...

Excuse me while I do an age intervention here! Yer only a year older than me so don't give up! We're as young as we feel, er or look, ah no ok I am at ah loss here but ennaway I guess we're teetering on the hill they always talk about go'in over. But ennaway I enjoyed all those photos. I have not seen alot of those trucks but Dodge is popular here as is Fords. Is it yer birthday? HMM? If it is I'll break out in song!

Sally said...

You're 8 years younger than me, so if you want to hear about the "old days" just give me a shout out. :)