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July 4, 2010

To My Fellow Americans

To all of you in America...Happy 4th of July

I embeded a fireworks video above for you to enjoy from Boston Harbor.
 Awesome display on full screen.


JennyD said...

....and that's what I'll watch tonight. It's too hot to go out and still no rain in sight. I'm imagining brush fires might be the next thing. I just called Lee and cancelled dinner plans for tonight with her and with Mary. She said she was in the middle of dialing me for the same thing. Ugly heat.

I have a friend, Carole, that's been going up to Boston just for the 4th every yr for about 20 yrs now. She loves it and swears there's nowhere like it. Well, I'll tune the tv to that tonight as well, look for her in the crowd, and wave if I see her -- fat chance of that, lol.

Sally said...

We just returned from a family reunion in W. Fla. today. I'm pooped, but the others are going to see fireworks. I'll be babysitting the dog listening to him howl. :)

Rocket Man said...

Went to Fish Hook's for a cookout, then to town, watched the fireworks and slid back to the house, all without fuss, muss and only one traffic light.