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July 3, 2010

A Guide To Healthy Eating

Well before I get to my guide to healthy living, I want to recap the events of the day. For the most part it's been a really nice day. Nice and hot that is! I did a few things outside which I probably shouldn't have because this chemo crap is not good in the heat and sun. Anyway I survived it and now I'm staying inside where it's nice and cool.

Early this morning I had carpet cleaners scheduled. I hadn't had them done in some time so I figured it was about time to get back on track. The lady from the cleaning place had been calling me off and on and at the time my schedule didn't allow for me to be home when they could come by. Besides with all the rain we had been having and everything being wet and muddy, I couldn't see having them done just yet. Finally a little over a week ago I decided to setup an appointment since we had been having some nice days. I woke this morning to the rumble of thunder and rain and my first thought was great, just great. Here it had been nice and now the morning they were to come and clean the carpets we are having a thunderstorm! Around 7:30 things did a complete reverse and the sun came out. Things dried up and it was nice when they arrived at 10:00. Now the carpets are all nice and new looking and smelling fresh.

I went out and about a few hours after they left and went for a ride. I was thinking about getting something to eat but couldn't make  up my mind where to go. Eventually I gave up trying to decide and just went to the Seine River Cafe and had a late in the day skillet breakfast. After that I went to the grocery store and picked up a few items for later today. I got home and put everything away and then went outside to try and get a few things done. One of my friends called me and asked if I would like to go out to dinner with a group of them. I was all for it until I stayed outside a bit too long so then I had to decline the offer and just stay home. It gets like that sometimes but I just deal with it.

I laid around for awhile and then decided to fix something to eat hoping that would make me feel better and then I would have that over and done with so I could relax the rest of the evening. I thought long and hard on what to have and that's when I decided to eat healthy for a change. I thought maybe I would share with you my guidelines for healthy eating.

First of all there was to be no steak today. Nope I've had enough for awhile so I got off the red meat kick and went with white meat. Yep chicken. I hadn't cooked any chicken in awhile so I figured why not. Now I must warn you that some of these pictures are rather graphic and it's advised that maybe you close your eyes through this part. If you click on any of the pictures you are on your own and if you click on them again to enlarge them even more then I won't be responsible for what happens afterwards.

You get yourself a large gallon size freezer bag and put in a couple pieces of chicken. Next take some Terriyaki sauce especially the kind with sesame and ginger added. Pour enough to coat the bird and then put in the fridge for an hour or two. In the mean time fix up some nice iced tea as a beverage to go with your meal. Sweet if you like but I usually drink mine sugarless with lemon. I know down south tea is made really really sweet and I like it that way also but to me unsweetened seems to quinch the thirst better and you don't need an insulin shot afterwards. I use my Mr. Coffee Ice Tea maker so there is ice in the pitcher when it's done and all you have to do is put it in the fridge until dinner time.

Next if you have some sugar [sweet] corn laying around then shuck about 3 ears and get some water boiling. I find that 3 ears is a more than ample amount especially if that's all you have. During this time you should have slipped out and fired up the grill to get it hot. Take the chicken in the bag to the grill and put your pieces over the flames and close the lid. Keep the sauce in the bag handy because as the chicken cooks and you turn it, you will need to pour a bit of it on the side you have up. Do this each time you turn the bird. Before you know it you have this bird cooked with some blackened crunchies on the outside from the terryaki sauce getting broiled in the flames. Oh that is so good! Remember these pictures are rather graphic.

See what Mean...that is a disgusting looking piece of chicken but it's probably good for you. Maybe not?

Then you put those ears of corn on a plate and just lather them with butter [real butter] because you know how healthy that is for your arteries.

Oh my I can just feel that butter dripping off my chin as I make crunching and slurping noises all the way across each ear until there isn't any left. Now that just has to be good for you. Maybe not?

Throw a dolop of potato salad on your plate along with a couple slices of some 49 grain french bread to sop up the sauces when you are done. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a meal that's as healthy as it gets. Maybe not?

Now there's a meal that any health nut would go for. Or was that you'd have to be nuts to think that is in any way good for you? Oh I see something in the picture I forgot to mention. No it's not Lemon Meringue Pie! There will be no more of that at least for awhile. Instead I had a healthy dessert of Coconut Creme Pie. Coconut is good for you isn't it? Especially if it's toasted right?

Well there you have it folks my guide for today's healthy eating. I do hope the pictures weren't too graphic for you because I was only trying to be helpful.

I was going to go out and run this meal off but I see the clouds are getting dark and I hear thunder rumbling all around again. As good an excuse as any right? Besides if you really thought even for a second I was going out there and run, then you need to seek some professional help. Really!


JennyD said...

I now officially hate you.


Did you actually believe that? No way, Jose.

I could dive face first into that chicken, Curtis. My plate would be 2 pieces of that chicken(either thighs, drumsticks, or wings...but if only wings, make it 4), ONE ear of corn, a scoop of potato salad with tomato slices in a lettuce cup, some kind of green veggie (fresh of course), a glass of tea same as yours, and one whoppin' piece of pie. My fav pies are lemon merangue, banana cream, and coconut cream, and oh yeah, fudge pie.

Like I said, I hate you now, and had to unzip my darn slacks just from reading. You are a total mess.

Toodie said...

Now that healthy eatin should be marketed-ed! Move over Jenny I'm gonna have some of that chicken and pass the tader salad! OOOh cob xorn whoohoo! Butter on the plate with salt in it to roll my cob in! Coconut pie? YES! I'd stay in tonight instead of running. They say if it thunders lightening can strike you 20 miles away. Hugs dear friend!

Curtis said...

There were 2 pieces of chicken on that plate. Yeah I know that deep down inside you love me.

JennyD said...

Daggone it. I've been innocently watching tv and "trying" to concentrate on the movie, and what happens? I can't get the chicken out of my head. So here I am doing a copy and paste of the recipe. Boy oh boy, does that ever look scrumptious. I'm putting in a petition with Congress to move Winnipeg to within 1 mile of my house. That oughta do it :D

Cowboy Joe said...

I like your healthy eating my friend.

Joan said...

Man you are a tease Curtis! But that sure looked good.

I just showed Gord your new blog and he wants to see more pictures of your farm truck...inside and out.

Penny in NH said...

Hey Curtis - sounds WONDERFUL!!! I have a corn suggestion you might want to try sometime. Take off all but the last couple of layers of shucks, cut the silk off (I use scissors), and break off any stalk. Microwave on high for 2 minutes per ear (no more than 3 ears at a time.) Let sit a couple of minutes before you strip the shucks - VERY HOT to handle - use mitts! We think it's much better than boiling. Let me know what you think!

Cindy said...

Thank you for finishing the lemon pie. Good thing for me that I'm not a fan of coconut cream. I really wish I could believe this about healthy eating, but there's something in here that just doesn't jive with things the experts say...not saying you're not an expert when it comes to food, but just saying. LOL