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Hold On I Know I Wrote This Down Somewhere, Canada
Just a quiet country boy who believes in remaining calm at all times even though there are times when a little excitement is necessary. I also believe in living each day to it's fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it makes one less you have coming. I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my late wife Ellen. She will always have a place in my heart. I like cooking, dining out, traveling, shopping, gambling, blogging, bling and I love my truck cause she's pretty and fast. Oh and let's not forget food.

July 13, 2010


Well since I've been back from Fargo it's been pretty much dullsville around here. Weather has been nice but that's about the only thing going on. Been to work 2 days now and there isn't any excitement around there but I guess there isn't suppose be. Things on the homefront have really been boring. The cats are being so lazy that they are making me lazy. Hey I did take the trash out to the curb this morning so that was something. Oh yeah and I did the dishes last night. Well the dishwasher did them, I just watched. TV has been the pits and the few movies I've tried to watch...yes tried to watch because I usually end up falling asleep and never see what happens. Guess all the excitement around here is making me sleepy. Here it is only 6pm and I'm yawning like mad. Well the cleaning lady will be here tomorrow so that will perk me up. Just like last week when I fell asleep in front of the TV and she had to wake me to get her money and go home. I'm probably putting ya'll to sleep with this post so guess I'll quit for now but as soon as anything happens around here I'll let you know.

Hope everyone is having a good week and hope it continues.


JennyD said...

Hey, another new header pic I see -- really NICE!

And love the little tyke. Looks just like you, lol.

Poor old Dully-Curtis with nothing to occupy his time. Tell you what, you can come over here and plow through this mile high paper pile for me. I'm getting more confused by the second.

But you know, if you really think about it, that old saying, "it's always calm before the storm", is true, so take this time to rest 'cause Lord knows what's comin' down the pike that will keep you running your legs off and wishing for some peace.

Time for me to clean up the kitchen from dinner. Made something different for myself tonight: Delmonico steak, rare, and cut into slivers, over spring greens with lemon tomatoes cubed, and topped with my own dressing which you'd want to drink it's so good. My plate was HEAPING and oh so good....yummy in the tummy, oh yeah :D

Cowboy Joe said...

Sounds like my feelings last week about what to post. It gets better somedays when we get inspired. The lilies are lovely in case I forgot to mention that.

Sally said...

Some days I long to be bored. That's all I'm sayin' for now. :)

Rocket Man said...

If you want to liven things up you could always try teaching the cats how to swim in the bath tub. That'll wake you up!

Toodie said...

Well dog gone it Curtis what's wrong with boring? Why sitting on my porch swing watchin the stars an humm'in ah tune. Can't git any better. You could always buy some burrs to put up yer behind. I hear they can make you active. Probly scare the cats though. Enjoy the peace an quiet. Like Jenny said, ya never know what's down the pike. Pike? Ain't that ah fish?

Cindy said...

Sometimes dull is good. Better than having all hell break loose and getting all stressed out. The cats wouldn't like that at all.

Hope something really exciting happens today so you don't fall asleep at the wheel.

Carol T said...

Well, if you wouldn't get up so freakin early you could stay awake after 6!!! (coming from someone who stays up til midnite and sleeps til 8... or so,lol.)