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July 18, 2010

The Weekend Is Over Already???

It's hard to believe that this weekend is almost over! Sure doesn't seem like it's been 2 1/2 days already. I knew I should have taken the whole day off on Friday instead of working a half day. Oh well it will probably be a short work week so maybe I can get a longer weekend this coming week. Yesterday started off good but in the afternoon it rained and thundered like no tomorrow. Just as I had put a steak on the grill it busted loose. I thought maybe I would have time and it looked as if it might pass by me, but no such luck. I guess I looked a little funny out there with an umbrella turning my steak but a man has to do what a man has to do. Of course it wasn't 5 minutes after I was done it stopped raining for an hour. Geez what a bummer but the steak was cooked to perfection so I was too busy enjoying my dinner to worry about it. Naturally my truck got dirty with the roads being wet but I went today and had that taken care of. Now she's in her garage all nice and shiney again waiting to take me where I might want to go. Probably won't go anywhere until work in the morning. After leaving the carwash I went to Rona and found an edge trimmer, weed whacker, weed eater or whatever you call it. I had been to a few other places but they had been picked clean and there weren't any I was interested in. I have a cordless battery powered one that I've used for several years by Black & Decker and it still works but I think it's time is about up. I only paid $39 for the thing and it's done a great job. Like a lot of battery tools nowadays you can buy them cheap; use them for a few years and then throw them away. We are in the disposable age. The one I found was the same brand as the reel mower I bought 3 years ago which is still kicking. The make is Gardena and this thing has wheels, a head that swivels to trim along the edge of sidewalks and driveways and you can the use wheels if you like while weed trimming, and the handle is fully adjustable. Lots of adjustments and it uses these trimming blades like ones I used years ago on a gas trimmer I had. No string to mess with and it's battery powered so no gas either. Nice and quiet just like the mower. Heck I could go out at midnight and cut my yard and trim around the edges and the neighbors would never know.

If this bad boy lasts like the mower has then I'll be happy with it. Even with the 18 volt battery it's as light as a feather. Weighing in at $169 (wisely spent casino money) it was a bit more than the other one but it's more flexable, adjustable, and powerful so that's alright with me.

It's nice outside but it has gotten a bit warm and the sun is really cooking so I think I'll wait until later to go bust some weeds in the butt and do some trimming and mowing. As soon as Hop-Along Cassidy is over (comes on at 3 for an hour) and I figure out what I want to fix for supper then I'll go out. I'm thinking breakfast for supper. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Add some coffee and orange juice and then stick it in my face. Sounds like a workable plan to me.

So I stayed out of trouble by staying home except for the trip to the carwash and Rona today and the grocery store (more wisely spent casino money) yesterday. I've relaxed a lot and feel good and rested which was the plan all along.

Maybe a trip across the border for breakfast next weekend...we'll see.

Also on my weather widget on the side, I forgot to tell you that if you hold you mouse in the middle of it you will get these 4 arrows which you click in the middle of and the thing comes up full screen. It's cool with smoke coming out of the chimney of the house and the flowers sway in the breeze. It it shows rain for any day then click on that and it will rain. At night there are stars, even shooting ones, and the lights come on in the house. This thing is just way too cool. Got time...check it out. Hit your esc key to exit.


JennyD said...

Too funny. First I saw on dashboard that you'd posted 25 min ago, then it updated and said 15 seconds ago. Lol, don't you love that "edit" button? I live on it most of the time.
Curtis, I'm really, REALLY interested in that new weedwhacker. How long does the battery last when you're running it? And how long does the battery last until you need to buy a new battery? You said it's lightweight? Define lightweight for me. Oh shoot, just email me ALL the stuff about this. I need one sooooo badly.
Ok, have to leave. Mom's Bob's birthday is today -- his 80th, and we're all throwing a little shindig for him. Need to go pick up the chicken (roasted, not live).
xoxoxo from, yes, your sis....your SMART sis...the sis you need to LISTEN it? Over and out.

Rocket Man said...

I'm fixing to shut the laptop off and hunker down. Severe thunderstorm warnings just went up and it looks like we're gonna get wet again! Too bad Jenny isn't getting any of this.

Sally said...

Glad you had a good weekend, and didn't spend all that money you won. Although I'd love to have a weed whacker like that one; I usually end up buying two every summer 'cause I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

Hope you have a good week, and possible a long weekend! :)

Toodie said...

Glad you relaxed. Kindah chuckled at your umbrella turning yer steak. The weekend did fly by though. I am looking for a new whacker myself. Something simple to change string. Have ah good week Curtis.

Cindy said...

As soon as I finish this, I'm going to check out your weather thingy. Don't ya love all the gadgets you can add here and it's so easy too! Well, sounds like a good weekend for you. Maybe you could build/buy yourself a little overhang or awning type of thing for grilling in the rain. Jim can move under a roof and watch the raindrops hit the top of the ol' Weber. Of course he does get wet when it's finished cooking. Have a good week. Breakfast is good anytime of the day!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is your most current posting, Curtis and I've enjoyed my time here. The time has really flown and I feel I've gotten to know a pretty good guy.

I'd like to follow your blog, so I'll attend to that little matter before I head out.

My next stop after reading your blog? Well, it seems I have a yard to mow.


Think you might hire out as a lawn mower guy?

Okay. Didn't think so.

Have a great weekend!!!

Sally said...

It just keeps lookin' better & better in here, Curtis. You're a whiz at this!!

So, how was your day? Did you actually have to work at work. hahaha Just kidding!! Don't mind me, I'm fallin' asleep at the wheel. :)

JennyD said...

Sally's right, it is looking great over here and you're darn tootin' you're a whiz at this. Darn it. I can't figure out how to do or add anything and I was soooo good at it over on wls. And remember when I showed you how to do the projectplaylist player? Now, you've got it going to beat the band and I can't remember a thing. Can't even get a big 'ol pic at the top. Oh yeah, and by the way, this newest one is super. Didn't know you'd be a daisy guy, lol.
Sorry, you know I'm going to find any way I can to get a tease in.
Ok, over and out. Love from your sis :D

JennyD said...

PS/ I see Chip is still hoggin' all the rain