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June 25, 2010

Last of the Treatments...

Guess I won't be watching this show anymore for awhile. One of the highlights of my day while I was off work was watching The Price is Right and maybe 3 other shows worth watching during daytime television. Sounds exciting eh? Well what else was I to do? Since I've been home from the hospital and back to work, I've been on chemo treatments. It has something to do with my immune system not working properly. One thing I can vouch for is the rumor that you suffer hair lose with these treatments. I inherited thin hair from my mother and have had a small bald spot since my middle to late 30's but nothing to worry about much or at least I never let it worry me any. I still have hair but I have lost a bit during these treatments. Today was the last of 6 treatments which I took once a month. I'm sure glad that's over. You sit in a chair for 4 to 5 hours with an IV stuck in your arm while they pump this poison into you. The only highlight to the whole thing was at 10am The Price is Right came on and I would watch that. The rest of the time I either dozed off or just sat there bored as snot. From what my regular Doctor has told me I will be getting off the steriods after my next visit with the specialist. Don't remember what it was I will be taking but hopefully it will keep this thing from flaring up again. I've may a lot of progress but things still are not the way they should be. Just something I'm learning to live with and make the most of. Life's good even on the days it really sucks. I still wake up every morning, go to work, go places, take trips, and I'm able to drive myself and get around. That works for me.
I didn't get home until almost 3 today and it was hot outside so I ducked inside where it was nice and cool and stayed there. I thought about mowing the lawn but just being out there for a short time I didn't feel really good. The treatment must have been taking it's toll and besides I'm suppose to limit my exposure to the sun and it was cookin'. Ok so maybe I'll give it a shot in the morning while it's still cool as long as I'm up to it. Usually the day after I'm not my usual self and sometimes feel like doggy do do. Tomorrow will tell and who knows it might even be raining AGAIN.
I'm going to have to check out the mosquito situation outside tonight before I decide to go out and light a fire and watch a movie. If it's still hot out there I'm going to stay in the ac and watch it here. I may be a whimp but it's so nice and cool in here and besides why should I let the cats have it all to themselves.
I'm considering a raid on the local WalMart around 3am and pick up a few things and then maybe at 8am I'll book on over to the Seine River Cafe and have a skillet breakfast. That should hold me until I get to my friends house in the evening for a feast over there. I talked to Heather the lady of the house earlier today and she was boiling potatoes for homemade potato salad and was preparing a rhubarb pie. Sounds like another nummy dinner as always over there. I think I'll be taking the cleaning lady with me. The house over there should be nice and clean because she was there Thursday cleaning for my friends. They took her in as their new cleaning service after I told them how good she did over here.
Ellen use to have this carpet cleaning service come in every year and do the carpets here but I haven't done anything in 2 years with them. The lady from there has been keeping in touch with me about having them done but I've been holding off this year until some of the rain let up. No use cleaning when everything outside is muddy and wet. Today she called again as I had asked her to and we set a date to have it done. They do such a nice job and the same man has been coming here for years doing them. Living room, dining room and hallway for $99 and it's done right. The carpets look so much better afterwards. It helps if you keep them vacuumed at least once a week and I have one of those Dyson vacuums that will suck a bowling ball through a garden hose so there isn't much dirt in the fabric. That is one awesome vacuum cleaner. Lightweight, compact, easy to use and no bags.
So no excitement for tonight unless I get to pop corn and watch a movie outside (I'll pop it even if I'm forced to stay inside) and tomorrow is a we'll see day. Sunday is too far ahead to figure out right now but I still have a day to work on that one.
Ok it's getting late so I'm off to check the weather and the skeeters.


Sally said...

WooHoo on the last chemo!

You take it easy out in the hot weather, Curtis and need I remind you not to eat too much at your friends house? hahahaha

Enjoy the weekend as best you can. :)

Dori said...

Hi, Curtis - anxious to see if this comment posts on your new blog - love the looks of it and the font is really neat and easy to read !!

Enjoy your weekend.

JennyD said...

Hey, brother 'o mine :D
Would have been here sooner but never saw an update (yours or anyone else's) til I rebooted a minute ago.
It's Saturday now and I hope you're ok this morning. I remember how dragged out you feel the next day after treatments. The only up side is this was the last one. Curtis, I'm sending you a big fat old hug. Proud of you getting through all this. I don't know that I would be half as brave and strong as you've been. Yep, hero time.
Love this little vid of Jesse Cook. You know I have every single thing he's ever done, right? Have you heard his newest album, "The Rumba Foundation"? Sublime as usual :)
So Heather's cooking tonight! I'm jealous and Barbara is lucky. Send me a doggie bag.
Mosquitos? Despise them. Last night I was hooking up a new hose system and my legs turned into a buffet. I'm telling you, I have dozens of bites all over them and do they ITCH! There oughta be a law against those pests.
Ok, have a good time tonight (know what I mean, jellybean?), eat with gusto and laugh til you can't laugh anymore and then drive safely home and get a good night's sleep. Catch ya soon :)

Cindy said...

Yeah, what happened to the comment I left this morning. Darn, wish I could remember what I had to say. I'm sure it was very thought provoking and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I'm working my way through your blog, Curtis--a thing I've been doing every time I come across a site which grabs my interest. I always go to the first entry to make certain there was a comment on that first essay (glad to see you had one back there already!).

This gives me a chance to get to know the author as if I'd been following from the beginning. The one big problem is that I don't allow myself to skip ahead or fast forward.

You mentioned being on chemo...I was sorry to learn about that, but also encouraged that your blog persists.

You strike me as a pretty good egg; a fine writer, to be certain.

And I'm so glad I found your journal.

Off I go to read the next installment...