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Just a quiet country boy who believes in remaining calm at all times even though there are times when a little excitement is necessary. I also believe in living each day to it's fullest because when it's over you can never have it back and it makes one less you have coming. I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my late wife Ellen. She will always have a place in my heart. I like cooking, dining out, traveling, shopping, gambling, blogging, bling and I love my truck cause she's pretty and fast. Oh and let's not forget food.

July 1, 2010

Lunch Anyone??

Today is Canada Day which is our equivalent to America's 4th of July. I took a ride around today just to see what was happening and this is what I saw. NOTHING!!!! Everything was closed. There were people all over the place with no where to go just wandering about aimlessly. People were washing their vehicles, mowing there yards, walking their dogs and a few of us were grilling. It was a little after lunch and I was getting a might hungry and there were some restaurants open but I couldn't think of any place I wanted to go. After making a wide circle about the area I headed home in a direction which I knew the path would lead me by the little store up the street. I think the only days that place is closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas and sure enough as I approached I noticed a parking lot full of vehicles. I pulled in went for supplies for the long weekend. Corn on the cob was my first grab and then some potatoes to bake and some nice tomatoes for burgers. Grabbed a loaf of bread on my way to the meat counter where I found some beautiful steaks [this place has great meats] and a pound of hamburger. Next I grabbed a dozen eggs just in case I decided to make my own skillet or a breakfast of some kind. That should hold me with what else I had around the house.

Got home and fired up the grill so it would get good and hot and went inside to put things away and make up some burgers. Now with a pound of meat that should have made quite a few burgers but with me that's exactly what it made...a few burgers. Two burgers to be exact weighing in at a mere 1/2lb each. Well it was a little under a pound of meat but not by much. I dumped about a half ton of Famous Dave's BarBeQue Sauce on the meat along with a ton of Franks Red Hot Hot Sauce and mixed it all together. Slapped those puppies on the grill and when they were done I put a few slices of cheese on top and there they were. Two of the finest burgers ever. I put one on bread with freshly sliced tomato, mayonaise and fresh ground pepper. With potato salad and a few slices of tomato on the side and a nice cold drink, I was ready to munch for lunch. Man was it ever good. I was surprised it didn't have more of a bite to it with all the hot sauce but it was good. Guess I should have used Tabasco which I grew up on. Next time maybe because sometimes you just never know how I'm going to fix my burgers but they are always good. Check this lunch out.
Click on pictures at your own risk because when they enlarge you may feel the sudden urge to go get something to eat. I'm not responsible...or am I?

Alright who snuck this last picture on here? Now you know this is down right cruel and inhumane and just not right! Does look a little like Lemon Meringue Pie...Hey it is!! Anway that was it for lunch.

Tonight there will be fireworks around especially at the Forks but I don't usually go and fight the crowds anymore. For others of you that feel the same or just can't get out and happen to have unfortunately ended up here by some twist of fate or serious mistake, I found a video on YouTube and posted it above so we can all sit in the comfort of our homes and watch fireworks. Get yourselves something to drink, make some popcorn, put that puppy on full screen mode, sing O Canada along with the singer, hoop and holler with the crowd and enjoy the show as if you were really there.



JennyD said...

Omg, I am you hear me? DYING over here! Ohhhhh, I want that and I want that NOW. You have killed me for the entire night, Curtis, lol. Cruel it is. I swear I can taste it all and oh lorddddd, it couldn't taste better.
Am I actually saying all this? I mean, geez, I just finished dinner! What have you done to me?? I'm sitting here shaking my head and digustingly drooling.
Have to say, though, the vid is really good. I might save that for the 4th here. Remember the 4th, Curtis? You old transplanted Southerner, you.

JennyD said...

Get me out of here! I just clicked on all the pics again and when I clicked the killer one (you know the one) I knew I had a real problem. You are soooooo bad and it's all your fault that I'm so fat. I am leaving your site in 2 shakes.....or is that bites...

Toodie said...

"Drool" Now see here Curtis, all this wonderful food jist may put on ah few pounds by jist lookin at it! I tried not to look. Since I met you an see'in all your food photos I had to start wear'in elastic pants! So there Ya go cyberbliminal weight gain!

Cindy said...

You're killing me with all those food pictures. Can't decide which one I like best, but I'm leaning toward the lemon meringue pie. Oh my does that ever look good.